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Review: Rhinestone Cowgirl by Denise Belinda McDonald

Rhinestone Cowgirl by Denise Belinda McDonald

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2




Poppy Dumphy is Beverly Hills born and bred, and she has everything money can buy—except a connection with her father. After his death, she learns why and leaves her posh life to expose a long-kept secret.

In Rowdy, Texas, small-town living suits Cale Hollander to a comfortable T. He runs his ranch, helps his neighbors, and is wary of strangers. The former rodeo bronc buster wants to return to his first love—riding. The last thing he needs is a distraction in the form of a petite blonde.

The pair butts heads at every encounter as intensifying attractions—and mounting suspicions—flourish. Neither is prepared for the other as they fail in their fight with temptation. If they give in, will they both lose all they cherish when the truth comes out? Or can they build a life together better than either ever dreamed of?

Monica's Review

A secret that is not told soon enough can cause heartache because it may be misinterpreted as being a gold-digger.

Poppy Dumphy lived a life of luxury but when she refused to do as her father wished he disowned her of his money and inheritance. Poppy was still able to live a comfortable life, even went to college and made something out of her life. When her father passed away she found some letters in her father’s safety deposit box that her mom had written to a man, Kib Morgan, and a secret was revealed. She set her mind to go to Rowdy, Texas even though her brother and sister tried to change her mind knowing it was going to be a disaster. Nothing good would come out of it and she would return back home with a broken heart.

Cale Hollander was a rancher and was just trying to find out what he wanted in life. He never got along with his father and moved out when he was young. He ended up living with the man that he idolized, Kib Morgan. When a little lady came onto his ranch something about her made him want to send her back where she came from. Once he realized where she was headed he believed she was just another money hungry woman coming to cling on to his best friend.

Something was different in Poppy that Cale could not shake. Every time it seemed that he expected for her to react a certain way she didn’t, she just proved him wrong. Poppy had not come to Rowdy, Texas to fall in love or to meet anyone but there was something about Cale that she could not shake off. They were total opposites but they connected so well. Poppy knew that this relationship could not work but what if what she set to do she would not do. She thought about staying with Cale having a family and never ever revealing her secret the reason why she needed to find Kib Morgan. She knew that sooner or later she had to tell him the truth of who she was but was afraid of being rejected. She longed for him to hold her, tell her he understood and that he loved her no matter what. She just wanted to be part of his life but she was scared.

This story will bring you to tears when Kib finally realizes the truth of why Poppy showed up at his ranch. Then when Cale believes that her intentions were only for money you just want to wring his neck. I enjoyed seeing that at least one of her siblings cared enough to come and help her with her problem. He was able to make her understand that she was not one to coward herself out of anything and she needed to tell Kib the truth once and for all and no matter what he was there to help her. And for that gesture and more he got a big surprise.

The characters make this story admirable, courageous because it takes courage to reveal this kind of secret and not create tidal waves. This story is full of emotional twists that your heart goes out to Poppy. Enjoy this read and see how everything comes together for Poppy, Cale and Kib because they truly get their happily ever after.

4 Tea Cups!
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