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Review: His Unconventional Woman by Lillith Payne

His Unconventional Woman by Lillith Payne

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 3


Dana has always loved Clay, her brother’s best friend. She’d grown up with him always around, and when she left to pursue a modeling career in New York and to go to college, leaving him behind was difficult.

Coming home for vacations and holidays through the years, she began to realize the brotherly feelings were gone, replaced with lust and need. On one storm-riddled night, she’d nearly seduced him.
With time, she began to learn what got her excited and realized she’d become an unconventional woman in most men’s eyes. Coming home for good, Dana finally let Clay know her secret. If he could accept her need for toys, spanking, and bondage in the bedroom, they might stand a chance at a future together.

Monica's Review

His Unconventional Woman is a story about a man and woman that fell in love with each other five years before she returned home. Due to a relationship that she had with a man he made her believe that she was a cold woman. Only that her body did not desire that man her body desired her brother’s best friend. Now he knew he loved her but he still saw her as the kid that went everywhere with him and her brother. But one kiss during a christening has their bodies burning for each other.

Dana is a strong woman but deep down in her heart she knows that she might lose the one man that she has loved. When she saw him with another woman she thought she lost him and she settled with another man. He introduced her to sex toys, bondage, spanking amongst other thing but she could not seem to get aroused. So when she returns home and sees Clay for the first time in almost five years she knows that if he cannot accept her with her sexual ways hopes at least that they will not loose their friendship.

Clay knew from the moment that he had a taste of her he was done. Sure he dated but there was know one like Dana and that is how it stayed until she came home. From the moment that he kissed her he knew he was toast, he was in love. Only problem is that Dana kept on rejecting him saying that he needed someone that could actually love him the way he deserved. I am glad that Clay did not give up because after dinner with Dana’s brother and wife he got the will power to call her while she was at a photo shoot. That is where their future would start.

When Clay received a box from Dana he became instantly aroused of just imagining the different sex scenarios that could take place with all the toys in the box. The symbol of the box and the note told Clay that Dana finally trusted him with her unconventional ways. Then there was the part where some of those toys could also be used on him and not only that there would be times that Dana wanted to be in charge. Could he truly give up control and have Dana do as she pleased with his body and with whatever toy she decided to use on him or in him.

I did enjoy that even though you knew that they would stay together there is always someone that wants to ruin the relationship, but with Dana’s way of thinking she seems to somewhat solve the problem. The sex scenes were hot, when finally they were able to get rid of the fact that Dana liked a little kink in her sex. The story was good but it was a little to slow for me. They seemed to dance around and act on how they truly felt for each other but it did make for a secure relationship. They were able to talk about everything and not let circumstances change their way. The storyline was believable and romantic and nice that even Dana’s brother, Jeff, and his wife, Lisa, had a role in making their relationship work.

All around, His Unconventional Woman was a good read with good characters. Enjoy this read and see if you also don’t fall in love with Dana and Clay, as I did.

3 ½ Tea Cups!
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