Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Review: Alpha Panthers by Becca Van

Alpha Panthers by Becca Van

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Rating: 4



April Waterson has just waved good-bye to her best friend and work colleague after a ritual Friday night out for dinner and drinks. She heads toward a cabstand and begins to feel ill. When April's vision finally clears, she finds herself in an unfamiliar forest, surrounded by gigantic trees. She falls asleep leaning against a large tree trunk.

April finally awakens and finds herself in a palatial-style mansion with two Alpha shape-shifting panthers, Gage and Saxon Kian, claiming she is their mate. She attempts to escape and finds herself being rescued by another shape-shifter, only this time it's a bear. Ben Koku knows April is his mate as well. He asks April to accept his claim so he may help her deal with the dominant, arrogant panther shifters, and she accepts.

Will the three men be able to convince April she is a worthy mate for the three of them?

Stacey's Review
In Alpha Panthers, Terra Form 1, Becca Van takes us from the plains of Nebraska into the deep, dark forest of Terra Form on another earthly plane. Terra Form is a loand of shapeshifters and filled with menage’s of the human and animalistic kind.

A story that starts out with a far from classic love triangle involving two were-panthers and a woman. We are witness to not only a ménage with two men but also woman and panther. I have to be honest, it didn’t sit well with me.

However, I pulled up my professional boots and plodded on through to the heart of the story.
A woman in a strange land, claimed and marked by two men/panthers who believe she is their mate, also comes across a were-bear who also believes he has claim to her-- in the process. This making her life even more complicated. Far from her normal, solitary life in Nebraska. Who will she choose? Will she accept her newfound destiny or fight tooth and nail to get out of there and back to her lonely life on another plane? The main story line is easy to focus on if you are not into the human having sexual acts with animals type thing.

Becca Van has written a very steamy read. Her imaginative crafting and phenomenal word weaving gives us a view much different than your run of the mill shifter stories.

I recommend this to ménage fans but with the warning of scenes involving post shifting sexual acts.

3 Tea Cups!

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