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Review: Services Rendered by Diana Hunter

Services Rendered by Diana Hunter

Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 3



This book is loosely tied to characters from Secret Submission and Submission Revealed.

Recently back from Iraq, Lauren Carr is still trying to put her life together. Her best friend sets her up on a date with an incredibly sexy man who promises to tie her down and make love to her all night long. His offer intrigues her, piques her interest in the submissive lifestyle she’s so curious about. This strong, dominant man might be just what she needs.

John McAllen is an ex-Marine who has put his demons to rest. He has a successful career and friends who share his kink. The beautiful Lauren, who was so capable in a crisis, turns out to have PTSD. In spite of his desire, he isn’t sure he wants to deal with her damaged psyche. He needs a woman who can submit to his control, to his passion for ropes and chains and floggers. To his every sexual demand.

Monica's Review

This book amazed me on how a man was able to take baby steps in helping a woman deal with PTSD and her sexuality as a submissive. He was able to teach her what it was to be pleasured not only with his manhood but with a paddle, ropes, flogger and more. The synopsis did not lie when it said that he would tie her down and make love to her all night long, except it did not state that she would experience more than one hand full of orgasms in a couple of hours.

Lauren Carr has been hiding out in her apartment since coming back from Iraq. She was an RN in the military and saw lots of damaged soldiers. Sure she goes out to visit her sister or her best friend Beth but she really has not started living. When she meets John, she is amused, aroused and curious because of what he promised her. She agrees to have dinner with him and she enjoyed it finally going out but she deflected all personal questions that John asked. When their date was over the worst thing that could have happened happened there was a distributing noise and it caused her to drop down to the ground. Lauren really felt embarrassed but all she found was warmth, security in the arms of John.

John McAllen also had his demons but it took him a very long time to deal with them and when he notices Lauren on the ground all he can do it hold her. There is something about her that sparks his interest and knows he wants to get to know her better. After a couple of dates he knows that he wants her to submit to him in the bedroom. When he tells her he is serious about tying her up and she does not run the other way he knows that is a good sign. He had two close friends that were more into the Master/ Slave relationship but he knew he did not want that right now but knew he wanted her in his life. After their first play with bondage and things went well he knows that she was special and he was not letting her go.

I loved how John explained every detail of the BDSM lifestyle with Lauren and how he told her that she held the power in her hands. She was the one with the final word because without her consent he could not move forward and when she said no that was her limit he would stop and not push further. But that did not mean that he would not test her limit. Lauren starts to learn more but the kinks but thinks that there is something wrong with her so what does she do, call one of her best friend’s and finds out that she is not the only one with similar kinks.

I really enjoyed Services Rendered the journey that it takes the reader in the BDSM lifestyle and what a pleasure it could be. The characters are wonderful and it gives some insight of what a person goes through when they have PTSD whether it is due to serving in the military or just a traumatic experience. I was amazed with the amount of detail on Lauren’s character and her background when she was in the military along with how it takes some people some time to be ready to seek professional help.

Services Rendered was truly amazing, funny, sexy and of course extremely erotic and hot. A love story that has you fanning yourself uncontrollably because of the amount of passion between Lauren and John and the usage of the ropes, bondage and so much more. Pick up your copy today.

4 Tea Cups!
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I'm sorry I didn't see your review sooner. Glad you enjoyed the book and thanks for the kind words!



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