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Review: Cougar Hunting by Beth Gray

Cougar Hunting by Beth Gray

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Cougar Hunting is a sexy contemporary romance set in Atlanta, Georgia and South Beach, Florida. When Terri Eisenman, a successful thirty-nine-year-old widow, first spots Chad Edwards during one of her nights out with her pack of cougar friends, she crumbles to her desires to have him. However, Chad, a young and successful businessman in his own right, presents much more of a challenge than she assumes. His group of friends also hunts for and plays with older women.

Complications ensue when Terri and Chad find themselves in a business relationship. Both share one belief: business and personal relationships don’t mix. Controlling a boiling passion and coping with fears of commitment mount as they work for a solution. The only way to save both their business and personal lives is admitting their unique qualities, which complement each, and form a new partnership.

Monica's Review

Game Plan – love’em, leave’em, and forget’em, a motto that many men and women use but for Terri and Chad it became complicated.

Now a day’s age does not matter but not when it comes to the heart is something that someone cannot just shut off. Chad thought that he could challenge Terri in trying to keep up with his stamina but Terri was way ahead of him.

Terri is out to have fun since her husband passed away almost three years ago and seeks younger men to fulfill a need in her that somehow was not accomplished during her marriage. She was married to an older man so when she encounters Chad in a club there is something about him that encourages her to talk to him. Soon she finds herself working with him but she knows that she can not mix business with pleasure. There is only one problem there is a connection between them that she is not able to let go. Now if only she can remember what it felt like to be intimate with him since the first time they were both drunk.

Chad basically challenged himself and Terri from the moment that they met but he was totally wrong about her. He finds himself thinking about her all the time something that he is not used to. He becomes accustomed to their embraces and kisses. When he sees a painting of someone that looks familiar he knows he must have it. He wonders who it is there is something in the eyes of the painting but can not think of who it might be. When he confronts his best friend that painted the painting he knew he had been set up but still does not know who it resembles. When he finally figures it out he cannot believe it the one person that has been haunting his dreams. Only that he should have put the painting in a very secure place where Terri could not come across.

Cougar Hunting doesn’t just deal with Chad and Terri it has other characters that I hope come into play in other books. Only these two characters are what I would say the ring leader for their group. I love how the author kept the spark between them going, especially with Chad. Chad was a man that had women flocking him wherever he went but he was able to stay away from them. Their relationship took awhile to actual become that but it was interesting how they were able to still work together and stay on track. Their commitment to their work came first.

I enjoyed this story, it was fun, witty and it had its romance.

3 ½ Tea Cups!
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