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Review: Lumina by Georgia Fox

Lumina by Georgia Fox

Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Historical Romance

Heat Rating: 4




Isabelle is about to have her virginity auctioned off to the highest bidder. Only stern, sensible Salvatore, her cruel aunt’s solicitor, can rescue her. While he’s been her tutor, she’s fallen deeply in love. But Salvatore has dark secrets that keep him from temptation. Their futures seem destined to be apart.

Her pride wounded by his rejection, and trust broken by a shocking discovery, Isabelle tries to forget him. Determined never to endanger her heart again, she finds another man to satisfy her sexual needs.
Until a surprise inheritance brings her back to Salvatore.

Now named “Lumina”, she wants two things from him – the cock he once denied her. And vengeance.
Salvatore, now a free man, has other ideas. He bitterly regretted losing her before and he’ll do anything to keep her this time, even sharing her with other lovers.
Until she’s ready to commit herself solely to him.

Lia's Review
Lumina, by Georgia Fox, is the story of a woman’s transformation from a naïve little girl to a wanton hussy.

Isabelle was ripped away from everything she knew and thrown into a world as different from hers as night from day. While living with her mother and siblings, Isabelle was exposed to a poor country girl’s life of hard work, no fortune, but the belief of true love. But when her wealthy aunt takes her on as her newest ‘project’, Isabelle is now fortunate to live the life of riches, education, and culture. There is only one price; no true love. Her aunt wants to auction off her virginity to the highest bidder. After all, only a man of money could be worth this girl, even if she didn’t love him. Devastated, Isabelle sets out to rebel against her aunt and make her own decisions, and her own mistakes.

I instantly liked Isabelle. She was smart and passionate. Behind the naïve girl, there was a strong, brave woman wanting to emerge, and as the story progressed, we saw the transformation in her, as well as the events that led her to it.

Salvatore was a flawed hero. I loved his imperfections and hypocrisy, and hated it at the same time. He was a hero who sinned and needed redemption. Although he redeemed himself in this readers eyes.

The story as a whole flowed wonderfully, with the words painting vivid pictures. There were no dragging moments, no dullness. I was pulled in from page one and not let go until the final page. It was a truly great read and I would highly recommend this to anyone who likes a good story along with hot sex.

5 Tea Cups!

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