Saturday, July 17, 2010

Review: Goldie and the Three Behrs

Goldie and the Three Behrs by Harris Channing

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Historical Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Some men are too hard. Some men are too soft. But only one man is just right…

Choosing the perfect bed is easy, but sometimes finding the right person to share it with is an adventure!
The Marquess of Blackwood lays eyes on Goldie Locksley, and immediately falls for her. Unfortunately, his youngest brother, Joseph, decides to make her his bride. But when their father tells him no, all hell breaks loose and all three brothers will do their utmost to see that they are a part of her future. But her happily ever after lies in the arms of one man. Will he be able to prove himself in time, or is Goldie destined to a life of misery or mediocrity?

Wendy’s Review

The story wasn't what I expected which came as a surprise. Goldie was a beautiful maiden who caught the attention of three brothers. Coming to Joseph a virgin, she expected the worst out of a sexual relationship, but was pleasantly surprised to find that she not only enjoyed the sexual part of her marriage, but was actually burning for a sexual relationship that would cease the heat deep inside.

When things turn bad with Joseph lying about their marriage, ruining her for any other marriage or a normal life, William steps in wanting to help Goldie and is willing to accept the wrath of his father by breaking an arranged marriage. Goldie is willing to be his mistress to fulfill the need burning inside her.

While William is away, the Duke, William, Edmund and Joseph’s father step in and want Edmund to marry her to appease her father. The duke does acknowledge that Edmond doesn't care for women in sexual preference, but with this marriage, society would accept him and her. Edmund goes along with this arrangement but he has his own itinerary, one his father isn't aware of.

Not realizing that danger lurked around, the brothers plan their own lives without thought of their father. Willing to lose all for love.

This story has it all love; hot sex, danger, murder and deceit. It will keep you wanting to read ahead to see what happens. When you think you have it figured out something else happens and you think, Oh Wow.

4 Tea Cups!

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Harris Channing said...

Thanks for the kind review! I'm so glad my book made you think "OH WOW!" That's a wonderful compliment!


Unknown said...

Great review.


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