Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Review: Siren's Song by Virginia Nelson

Sirens Song (Book 2 in the Odd Stuff Series) by Virginia Nelson

Publisher: Sapphire Blue Publishing
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Janie Smith is ready to get her life in order. She just needs to control her powers, feed without killing someone, deal with a sick witch, a vampire boyfriend committed by fate to another, and an ancient serial killer’s ghost who has settled inside an unsuspecting human. She must also put up with Queen Mab’s demand that she accept an elfin fiancé, while dodging Chance, the man who claims to be her soul mate, and help her daughter adjust to life after divorce. Seriously, not a big deal.

More Odd Stuff is breaking out all because of a Siren’s Song.

Kylie’s Review

Virginia Nelson is rapidly becoming my newest favorite author. Janie Smith and her Odd crew are back in Sirens Song, the sequel to Odd Stuff. I must reiterate, if you are a fan of paranormal romance, you must read these books. Virginia Nelson is providing a new and unique voice, that dispels old stereotypes and creating a fun and exciting new world of sirens, witches, vampires, and all other things that go bump in the night.

The odd crew is back with some new additions and a slew of new problems. Janie has her first official assignment from the F.B.I., to find out who The Harbor Hammer is. Simple enough except he has been killing people since roughly the 1930's and only shows up during leap years. Then there is the fact that Mia has a cold and every time she sneezes unintentionally cast a spell. Let us not forget about the vampire boyfriend Vance, and possible soul mate of undetermined origins, Chance, debacle. And it's only Monday.

Virginia Nelson has created a world that draws you in and leaves you wanting more. Where the fantastical is expected and the ordinary made that much more special by its rarity. Sirens Song focuses more on Janie's personal life, as she learns to control her new Siren powers, and struggles with the men in her life. All the while trying to be a good mom to a daughter who may have inherited more from Janie than just her eye color, and trying to dodge her own mother Queen Mab, who has taken it upon herself to reinstate Janie on the Fairy Counsel a position that comes with a fiancé. Neither of which Janie wants. Janie deals with all these new complications the way she deals with everything else a good dose of sarcasm and a full speed ahead, act first think later approach. While her tactics seem to get her into a much trouble as they get her out of it works for her.

As if Vance and Chance weren't enough to deal with Janie has two new men in her life, Avery and Frank. Avery is the fairy fiancé, while he harbors no romantic feelings for Janie he craves the power he would command as her husband. Unfortunately having never lived top side, he is unprepared for life among humans, let alone with Janie and get broken repeatedly. Frank thought he has no romantic connection to Janie, frustrates her more than the other men in her life. Frank is Mia's muse; his job is to inspire people. The fact that he mostly inspires chaos is a source of endless annoyance to Janie. However, Frank derives such enjoyment from his work that you cannot help but be delighted right along with him.

Sirens Song is captivating from the very first line to the last. Complete with a rich cast of characters and an engaging story, Virginia Nelson's work is magic. Proving yet again, the best parts of life are made up of Odd Stuff.

5 Tea Cups!

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