Thursday, January 13, 2011

Review: Love Under Two Wildcatters by Cara Covington

Love Under Two Wildcatters by Cara Covington

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Menage Romance

Heat Rating: 4



Twenty-first century women don’t need a man—or two or three—to make their lives complete. That’s been Susan Benedict’s mantra for some time now. The sadder truth is, she doesn’t know if she'll ever find any men as important to her as her relatives are—both past and present.
Enter Colt Evans and Ryder Magee, two rough-and-tumble wildcatters who arrive with more on their minds than just drilling a well on Susan’s property.

Soon Susan finds herself discovering the thrill of love under two wildcatters, but there are a couple of catches. First, Susan discovers her brothers sent the wildcatters, hinting at a bonus if they could romance Susan away from her self-imposed isolation. Then someone seems determined to destroy all Colt and Ryder have built up over the years.

Will Colt and Ryder be able to uncover their enemy and conquer Susan’s mistrust before it’s too late?

Monica's Review

Brotherly Love is interesting because what ends up being a set up ends up being a match made in heaven.

Susan is a wildcat, independent woman that needs no man or men in her life. Soon her life will be turned inside out when she encounters two sexy gorgeous men that will sweep her off her feet and pleasure her in ways that she cannot even imagine. Her character brings laughter into this book on how she seems to do as she pleases no matter what gets in her way. Susan knows what she wants and will do anything to keep her men safe even if it means to risk her life but then again it just might bring her a little bit of pleasure at the every end.

Ryder and Colt lived a rough life that no teenager should live but their rough life made them strong men that they have become. They were able to lean on each other for everything and they also share everything, including their women. Ryder and Colt are dreamy men that you just want to tie them up and never let them go. They are perfect gentlemen.

This was a fast paced relationship between Susan, Ryder and Colt but nothing was left out of how truly, madly in love they were. There was some amazing hot, steamy sexual reading that had me clutching the book not wanting to let it go. The characters of the story drew immediately and fell in love with the warmth and love they brought into the story. I felt as if I was in their world learning about their lives and how they dealt with love and trust amongst themselves. The whole family life is something that Ryder and Colt will learn and will love. If you want to read a story with lots of sexual healing and love you have to read Love Under Two Wildcatters.

5 Tea Cups!

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