Saturday, February 25, 2012

Review: Suddenly Wolf by Abby Blake

Suddenly Wolf by Abby Blake

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Rating: 3




No. No. And hell, no.

There was no such thing as fate…or werewolves.

Three testosterone-laden, alpha male types claimed she belonged to them? And that they were willing to share? Nope, couldn’t be happening. She must’ve hit her head harder than she’d realized because something was clearly messing with her usually sensible thought processes.

But how the hell could she explain the crazy way she heard their thoughts in her head? Or the inexplicable way her body reacted to them all even though they were absolutely not her type? Oh, and, yeah, the wild, blazingly hot dreams of foursomes? They totally sucked.

So why then, when faced with a chance to reclaim her quiet life, was Andrea suddenly desperate to make Xavier, Daegan, and Isaac live up to their promise of forever?

Wendy's Review

Abby Blake brought a story that has you using all your emotions to get through it. It is a refreshing touch and an enjoyable read.

Andrea owned and operated her jewellery store with pride but one night and it all comes to a halt, when closing her store she forgot to lock the door which almost caused her life. Fumbling robbers accidently shot Andrea in a hold up and as she was bleeding out. Her only hope happened to be with Isaac and Daegan the two wolves who found her and made the decision to save her by turning her into a wolf, it was perfect because they found their mate, they decided to act first and deal with the ramifications from their brother Xavier.

To no avail Andrea embarks on an adventure that she couldn't quiet fathom and to live with three men who claim to be her mates. Things like this don’t happen so there must be a reasonable explanation of why she is a wolf now and how she is attracted to three men/wolves.

As things progress Andrea came to realize that not only was the sex wonderful and out of this world so was her life. She came to realize that her life was empty without her men.

Xavier, Daegan, and Isaac live up to their promise of forever. To them Andrea is their life long mate and they wanted nothing more than to please her in life and in bed. Even though Andrea kept saying these men were not her type, she knew that there were no other men for her.

5 Tea Cups!

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