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Review: Lake Shore Escape by Moira Hanson

Lake Shore Escape by Moira Hanson

Publisher: Siren-Bookstand Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Samantha Brooks routine life as a waitress is about to be turned upside down by more than one man. Unfortunately, one of those men is trying to kill her while the other would stop at nothing to save her. One of those men is Dr. Jared Dalton, and he’s not your average doctor. He’s young, good looking and yet completely alone. Neither of them are prepared for the chain of events that have their lives forever changed and intertwined.

The sexual tension between them builds as they try to resist the temptations of the flesh, but when they give in--well, they’re a perfect match. Jared couldn’t have dreamed up a more ideal woman for himself, and he only wants to pleasure her in every way possible. As fate would have it, Jared and Samantha must fight to stay together as a twisted serial killer aims at Samantha as his final target.

Desmond’s Review

A waitress is brutally attacked one evening and is treated at the hospital by a young doctor. While she has had her face slashed and leg broken, the good doctor sees through her injuries but has to reconcile his growing feelings for her with his professional ethics.

Moira Hanson’s more than capable writing skills transforms, what could have been a “me too” story into a unique, passion filled romance, tinged with possible, impending doom. Ms. Hanson carries the plot capably from Samantha’s attack to the resolution, showing Sam to be a formidable character and a strong female presence. Without giving away anything, I’ll say Sam is the epitome of a modern woman.

The two main characters, Samantha Brooks and Dr. Jared Dalton are separate, distinct personalities and carry the story from beginning to the end. Sam’s Great Dane, Maximus (Max), figures prominently, but is a secondary character adding interest and life to the plot and, through him, Ms. Hanson has the equivalent of a Greek chorus, the character amplifying the emotions and actions of Sam and Jared. There are other characters adding to the mix, a psychologist, another doctor and the employees of the restaurant where Sam works.

Lake Shore Escape is a fun, easy read; the romance set up wonderfully well and Jared’s problem with professional ethics handled quite well. While the main story line is the escalating romance between a woman with little experience in relationships and a doctor, Sam’s growth and acceptance of her feelings for Jared and her arc from a 26-year-girl, questioning her romantic responses to a strong willed woman, is the real story.

While many women would like to be wooed by a handsome, single, virile doctor, unfortunately there aren’t enough of those available, so reading Ms. Hanson’s Lake Shore Escape should fulfill a few fantasies. As a romance writer, I love a good romance and this is better than good. Ms. Hanson knows how to tease us with possibilities and keep us turning pages (or pushing buttons on your electronic reader) to follow her plot and get a happily ever after ending.

Desmond Haas says, “This is an excellent book for summer reading or for sitting near a roaring fire in winter. All the romantic elements are woven into a love story on top of a thriller.”

4 Tea Cups!

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