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Review: Mistress of Tiethla (Book, #1) by Jade Twilight

Mistress of Tiethla (Book, #1) by Jade Twilight

Publisher: Lyrical Press
Genre: Erotica

Heat Rating: 4


Note: Not a romance


Limits are tested in a world of magic.

One woman's life and everything she's known is turned upside down when she's transported to a world of magic, dragons and seductive men. Alex's arrival coincides with a Draconi prophecy, one proclaiming a savior and promising peace.

Will she test her boundaries and become all the realm Tiethla needs, or will she submit to her fear and return home?

Warning: This title contains: menage a trios, F/F, foursomes, mild dominance.

LynnMarie’s Review

Alex is a book nerd, helping one of her teachers sort artifacts after class. It only takes one simple act to pull her out of the only world she knows, into another place entirely. The new world is foreign to her. It’s a place of fantasy, dragons, magic, and a lust she’s never known.

I really liked Alex’s narration. She starts out very likeable and I enjoyed listening to her plight along her journey. From her confusion at being thrust into a new world, to her newfound desires for the men helping her along her way, Alex was a real woman who was easy to relate to.

Sex. There is something for everyone in this erotic read. Menages (threesomes and foursomes) F/F sexual interaction, and multiple partners along the way. I wish the sex scenes were a bit more detailed, as they felt rushed and choppy at times. As already stated above, this is not a romance. Alex enters this fantasy world which increases her libido. She enjoys exploring this new side to herself with several willing men that help her find what she's looking for.

There is a story about a Draconi, the dragon tamer, who will save Tiethla from destruction. When all signs point to Alex, will she abandon her calling or face it head on?

If you like fantasy and paranormal elements mixed in with your erotica, then Mistress of Tiethla may be just what you’ve been looking for. This is the first novella in Tiethla series and I’m interested to see where Jade Twilight will take Alex’s adventure next.

3 Tea Cups!


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