Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Review: Sex Party by Natalie Acres

Sex Party (Cowboy Sex, #1) by Natalie Acres

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand
Genre: Menage Romance

Heat Rating: 4



She's eighteen years old and drop-dead gorgeous. She isn't just the girl-next-door, she's the poster child for the blonde-hair, blue-eyed babe and a known hellion in her small southern town.
Peyton Storm has the world by its throat until her mother dies and Peyton's world spins out of control. Without a father around, Peyton is left with few choices, and the opportunities she once had slip out of reach. Soon, she makes a decision. She will drop out of school and go to work.
Braden, Kane, and Evan Cartwell don't think so.
Braden Cartwell made a promise to Peyton's mother and he plans to keep it, but once she moves in with the three sexy cowboys, the Cartwell brothers see the potential for problems.
Since the lovely Ms. Storm didn't come with a how-to instructional manual, they're in for a lot of fun, not to mention a few ice cold showers.

LynnMarie’s Review

Sex Party is an erotic ménage which follows the journey of Peyton, from teenager to legal adult. Orphaned and alone in the world, she moves in with the three, wealthy Cartwell brothers. Her three cowboy guardians are eager to get their hands on the buxom beauty, but have to wait until she’s of legal age. Peyton is skilled at using her sexuality to get her way with men. She’s beautiful and uninhibited. Rejection doesn’t sit well with her.

This book was over 100K, so we get a lot of character development throughout the pages. I think I liked Kane the best. Who doesn’t love a tortured cowboy? He fights his feelings for the young girl, but when she insists that he teach her about the darker side of sex, he indulges her.

Braden is the responsible one, trying to keep order in their crazy lives. Being a guardian to such a wild hellcat isn’t easy. The fact that he falls in love with her creates a consuming conflict within him.

Though I wasn’t too fond of Peyton’s character, and a bit at odds with three adult men lusting over her as a teenager, it was still an engaging read. The writing was well done. I didn’t notice time passing as I lost myself in the world created.

The sex was very hot! Though the sexual tension stretched out well into the book, as the men waiting for Peyton to turn eighteen, it was written skillfully by Natalie Acres. You can feel the burning desire each man feels for the girl.

If you enjoy a hot western with a kinky ménage element, you’ll love Sex Party. It’s the first book in the Cowboy Sex series, and I look forward to reading the others.

4 Tea Cups!

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