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Review: The Festival Spirit by Rachel Randall

The Festival Spirit by Rachel Randall

Publisher: Total E-Bound
Genre: Fantasy Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Johnny’s well-known for his uninhibited performances, and his electrifying show at the summer’s biggest music festival leaves fellow popstar Mira desperate for a more intimate performance. It looks like her lust will finally be satisfied—and if his bandmate Lee wants to join them, so much the better.

But Mira’s not the only one who wants Johnny. A greedy fairy queen, angry that the festival is being held in her realm, takes the submissive frontman captive. Armed only with the power of her own passion, Mira must face the dangers of an enchanted forest—and confront her darkest desires—in order to take him back for herself.

Reader Advisory: The story contains M/M intimacy, though no penetration, as well as a storyline of dubious consent. There are light instances of dominance/submission.

LynnMarie’s Review

Though the story started slow for me, it quickly picked up and held my interest until the end. Rachel Randall successfully pulled me into the settings she created and allowed me to feel the desire controlling Mira throughout the novella.  Whether from the fairies thrall, or her own deep seated longing, the reader is taken along on Mira's erotic ride.

Mira has a close relationship with two band mates, Johnny and Lee. They’re on tour together and it’s becoming harder and harder for Mira to hide her lustful feelings for Johnny. She’s had a sexual history with Lee, but they’ve remained friends. The atmosphere on the night of the concert, plus the strange drinks offered to the trio, creates an erotic tension between them.

Rachel Randall did an excellent job describing the intimacy and sexual tension between the characters. It was hot and kinky without being over the top. The fantasy element in the book did seem out of place and I feel the story was solid enough being a straight contemporary piece.

For a short novel, the characters were fully realized with their own unique flaws and desires. I would eagerly read more work from this talented author. For a sexy read where a crush turns into a real-life fantasy, The Festival Spirit is sure to entertain.

4 Tea Cups!

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A Buckeye Girl Reads said...

This sounds like an interesting read, and I've really started liking short novellas like this one.


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