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Review: Love Under Two Lawmen by Cara Covington

Love Under Two Lawmen by Cara Covington

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Menage Romance

Heat Rating: 3



As the illegitimate daughter of a kept woman, Amanda Dupree is considered unmarriageable. So she sets her sights on building a career as a private investigator. But when a disgraced businessman threatens to get even, she decides it’s a good time leave town. She even has a destination in mind: Waco Texas, the cousin she’s never met and a quest for lost Confederate gold.

Texas Ranger Adam Kendall and lawyer Warren Jessop are two lawmen with a secret. Lovers at a time when their actions could net them the death sentence in some places, all they want is enough space and privacy to live as they choose. The moment they meet fiery-haired Amanda Dupree they know she belongs with them and vow to help her on her quest.

But will the desperados on their trail destroy all they hold dear, or will the treasure they seek be the key to their happy-ever-after?

Wendy’s Review

Love Under Two Lawmen is set in the wild west Waco, TX. Amanda Dupree arrives on a train, not looking for love, but to find a legacy that her father gave her on his death bed; a father who didn't even claim her till his death.

Seeing the two gorgeous lawmen on the train platform caused Amanda's body to react to their sexual magnetism. She tried to remember that she couldn't trust the law; they were as crooked as the crooks. Amanda learned long ago never to depend on a man; she was strong, and knew how to defend herself, she didn't need men for that. She had a successful business in Richmond, VA. This was to be a quick trip to come get her legacy and go.

Adam Kendall and Warren Jassop were waiting for Amanda Dupree, supposed to take her to their friend’s house. When they spotted her they both knew that they would have her, she was gorgeous. Even though they loved each other, they knew the time had came to take a woman to make themselves complete. Even though they didn't know why she was there, they knew that she wouldn't be going back east. Amanda's hidden passion was going to be discovered by these two lawmen, but she knew the danger she was in and their extra protection was a bonus.

Going after the treasure brought them closer. They showed her what true passion could be. Amanda loved watching the two men as they showed their love for each other and each showing Amanda that they could love her separately. In the end, it was not the hot and steamy sex that Amanda was running from, she needed to know that her men trusted her to let her be what she needed to be…independent. That even though she loved the hot sex and them she couldn't lose herself or become what her mother had.

Adam and Warren's love showed her that she could have it all. They weren't there to stifle her independence. They wanted to be a part of it. In the west, sex was hot and dirty and Cara carried it out to the end. Who wouldn't want two lawmen to protect love and cherish them? This story is worth a second or third read. Also this is a sequel to Love Under Two Gunslingers, but can be read alone. Cara weaved the two stories so that you could easily follow.

5 Tea Cups!

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