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Review: Unbridled and Undone by Elle Saint James

Unbridled and Undone by Elle Saint James

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Menage Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Lust at first sight sends Tessa Calloway into a private Colorado nightclub seeking relief for her sexual needs. Dell Harper falls in love at first sight and Zachary Barrett soon follows. They believe she’s “the one” they’ve waited for and introduce her to their menage lifestyle.

Unable to see a future without Tessa, Dell and Zachary ask her to join them permanently in Wyoming for their happily ever after. Tessa, having just inherited the home and security she’s wanted all her life, must now decide if she’ll abandon her long-awaited dream home for a future with two sexy ranchers out of state in Wyoming.

What's more important after all, a new found love or an inherited family property?

Wendy’s Review

Bridled and Undone was intriguing from the first word. Elle Saint James did a wonderful job of capturing your attention and causing sexual tension from the first sentence.

Dell Harper and Zachery Barrett had a good life. They shared a ranch and a friendship. Dell ran the ranch while Zachery was a lawyer and took care of the business aspect; their lives were full except in one-a woman to share. While they were at a convention they went to the Double Rider Men's Club to watch a private threesome. Even though the show was awesome, it caused the men to realize that their life was empty, lacking a sexual partner for life. They wanted a woman to cherish and to experience every sexual position possible.

Tessa Calloway stormed out of her father's nightclub wanting the two cowboys she met in there. The men's club rented her fathers club for the week of the convention. Even though she had rebelled against her father all her life, his strong armed tactics reached the whole town making sure to spoil her fun. Tessa was sure to leave a lasting impression on the one by spilling water all over him. She was sure that by the end of the night they would have her every which way imaginable.

Meeting up with them at their hotel, the sparks and sexual tension sizzled. Not wanting to waste time in the bar, all she wanted was them in their room naked and having awesome sex with her. She had been aroused since spotting them entering the establishment. The sex was steamy and hot; so hot that the sheets were on fire. The men didn't want to scare Tessa but they shouldn't have worried since she was on board from the very beginning. Ride them cowboys came to mind.

There was public sex, private one on one sex, and all three of them having sex. Anyway they wanted Tessa, she was willing and able to provide them with surprises of her own. She was a woman who knew what she wanted and wasn't afraid to ask or demand.

Would she be willing to leave the only security of her grandmother’s house for love and a life away from the one she had all her life.

If you like down and dirty sex, this is a must read, but don't think that is all there is. Tenderness and love in this story has a person wanting more.

5 Tea Cups!

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