Sunday, July 4, 2010

Review: Lassoing Lara by N.J. Walters

Lassoing Lara by N.J. Walters

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Erotic Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Brody Courage wakes up after a night out with his brothers and finds himself naked and tied to his bed with no idea how he’s gotten there. Just when he thinks he’s going to have to rip apart the headboard to get himself loose, he hears someone entering the house. He thinks it’s one of his brothers and calls out for help, but it’s Lara Jacobs, his childhood friend and neighbor.

He’s humiliated to have to ask her help and swears her to secrecy. She’s quiet and pale and leaves after releasing only one arm. When Brody finally gets himself out of bed, he finds a pair of red lace panties stuck near the footboard—a perfect match for the red bra he’d glimpsed Lara wearing when she bent over to untie him. It’s then his memories of the night before start to flood back. He spent one hell of a night in bed with his neighbor.

Now he wants another. One he can remember. But there’s the little problem of Lara avoiding him…

LynnMarie’s Review

This was my first book by N.J. Walters and it won’t be my last. Her writing was masterful and pulled me into the story and brought the characters to life.

Brody wakes up tied to his bed and doesn’t have a clue how he got there. He’s one hot cowboy and has never found a woman to keep his interest. Lara finds him tied up and helps him get free. She’s an old friend that has always been there for him. She’s a lot more to look at now than when she was a kid, but for some reason he has never looked at her as a potential girlfriend. When the red lace panties in his bed match the bra he spied Lara wearing under her shirt, his mind starts whirling, trying to piece together the night before.

Lara has been in love with Brody from day one but kept her feelings to herself. She knows he can’t be tamed, but wouldn’t mind a one night stand if that’s all she can get from him. When he can’t even remember the night they shared together the next morning, she knows there is no hope of a future for them.

N.J. Walters has a way with words. Her characters were unique and believable. She crafts her sex scenes with the perfect mix of emotion, action and description. Though this was an erotic romance, it was so much more than a roll in bed. Brody and Lara were characters I won’t soon forget and their quick love story was touching and powerful.

If you like sexy, alpha cowboys and head strong heroines that are real enough to get hurt, you must read Lassoing Lara. The perfect title to accompany the perfect little erotic, western romance.

5 Tea Cups and a Recommended Read!

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