Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Review: Simply Decadent by Calista Fox

Simply Decadent by Calista Fox

Publisher: Red Sage Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Too busy for romance?

Every woman has been there and knows what that's like. But for workaholic Cassandra Valentine, this has become an almost permanent state. She loves her job to the point that she has forgotten about other kinds of love. Seth Bryant is about to remind her that some things are worth a little extra time. After whisking her away to a romantic weekend retreat, he'll use every available trick -- and toy -- to win her attention for good. Because when life gets too complicated, sometimes the only cure is Simply Decadent.

Lena’s Review

Work, work, work makes Cassandra Valentine a dull woman. Her whole life is centered on work and nothing else. This makes her boy-toy Seth, well, somewhat upset. All he wants is his woman paying attention to him, not work. This getaway is a chance for them to rekindle what brought them together, romance.

Though her last name is Valentine, Cassandra is nothing about love. For her spending money on candies and cards seems a waste to her. However, Seth is all romance and she knows that with him in her life she is somewhat complete. Can Cassandra forget about work and finally tell Seth how she really feels about him?

Seth Bryant is a man who knows when he’s found the right woman. The problem is that woman is a workaholic hardcore. He knows that Cassandra is the one for him but he has a hard time telling her his real feelings. When he says ‘I love you’ he wants the woman to pay attention to him and nothing else. Yet something about Cassandra makes him doubt if she is the one. This trip is his chance to show her his real feelings in every way. Can he get her to say those three words he’s been waiting for in their relationship?

Romance in a relationship is the key to make a couple closer to one another. Seth is a man who is determined to get his woman to say I love you, yet work is all she thinks about. I loved that Seth will do anything he can to get his woman. The scenes between them were hot and imaginative in every way.

Cassandra is a tough cookie. It’s hard to make her forget about reality for this is one trip, so she can just relax and enjoy her man. Simply Decadent is definitely a book to read about getting away, and well, just enjoying life and a gorgeous man with you.

3 Tea Cups!


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