Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Review: Secrets of the Lotus by Michelle Garren Flye

Secrets of the Lotus by Michelle Garren Flye

Publisher: Lyrical Press
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 1



What would you trade for the story of a lifetime -- a lifetime of love?

Society reporter Josie Stewart is all too familiar with billionaire Dan Mason, who recently took over the reins of his ailing father's business. He has no intention of allowing anything, even his own conscience, to get in his way.

When Josie accidentally uncovers one of the family secrets, she glimpses a side of Dan that most people never get to see. Drawn to him, she puts her own career and reputation in jeopardy to keep his secrets. But some of those secrets are darker than she knew. Neither Dan nor Josie expects the danger lurking in their future -- or the passion.

Ashira Datya’s Review

Secrets of the Lotus was an interesting little story, one that, from the blurb I saw about it, had me interested from the get go. Josie, a reporter for a weekly magazine, crept into the private birthday party of Dan Mason, the wealthy son of a former mayor, but is soon discovered by the birthday boy himself.

Dan and Josie quickly become pretty much inseparable, but just as friends, because both of them have just left a relationship with other people. Together, Dan and Josie begin working on a project to help Josie's brother. Things start to go wrong though when a business associate of Dan's plays dirty.

I really enjoyed reading Secrets of the Lotus. It was fun watching Dan and Josie dance around each other. Certain parts of the book made me laugh and certain parts made me cry. I can relate to having issues with family because I have several issues with many members of my own family and I was relieved when Dan and Josie finally realized what they wanted. I would read this story, and any story by Michelle Garren Flye again in a heart beat.

I give Secrets three Tea Cups and a heat rating of a one. You should all read Josie and Dan's story; you'll enjoy it.

3 Tea Cups!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for reviewing my story! I enjoyed the review. Best, Michelle

Rebecca Camarena said...

Nice review.


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