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Review: Tin Gods by Kate Davison

Tin Gods (Ruins and Relics, #1) by Kate Davison

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Ancient artifacts. A vengeful assassin. A beautiful woman. For Section agent, Lucius Capri it's just another day on the job.

For Romy Douglass, the abandoned daughter of Florida millionaire, Miles Douglass, the jade and emerald idol is the last in a long line of similar gifts from her father. Dubbed by Romy as the Tin Gods, the statues are daily reminders of Miles’s failure as a father and her disappointment as a daughter—that is until the night they’re stolen and her house vandalized while she’s on a date with the sexiest man alive.

Lucius Capri thought his assignment for the covert government agency titled, the Section, would be a quick snatch and grab to reclaim the priceless South American artifacts stolen by Miles Douglass. Who knew from his first contact with his mark, Romy, that nothing about the case or his feelings for her would be business as usual? With the statues missing and the infamous assassin, El Lobizon, on their trail, Lucius must decide which is more important, closing the biggest case of his career or allowing himself to fully trust the woman he’s come to love.

Ronica’s Review

The three words that best describe this book are adventure, intrigue, and sexy. It was a very good combination.

Romy Douglass leads a quiet life, avoiding relationships of any kind whenever possible. And then a handsome stranger invites himself to sit at her table during lunch at the deli. Suddenly her life is full of stolen idols, her estranged father’s secrets, a sexy “Section” agent, and a hitman ordered to kill her.

Lucious Capri is an agent for The Section, just trying to complete a mission. But then he meets the mark and his thoughts start to revolve around her rather than the mission. How does he complete the mission but still keep her close and safe?

This book was fairly fast paced since most of the book takes place within one week’s time. I especially liked the multiple points of view so that it felt like I was invested in the life of both main characters.

This following quote leads to a very steamy scene, but it was this lead in that I remember most: “A devil took that opportunity to rest on her shoulder. She leaned over, putting her lips close to Lucius’s ear. “Shower” ”

3 ½ Tea Cups!

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