Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Review: Dragon Mine by Joyee Flynn

Dragon Mine by Joyee Flynn

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Alternative Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Gabriel Panlong has seen a lot over the centuries but nothing prepares him for the sight of two gorgeous men having sex up against an alley wall in broad daylight. Instantly turned on by the men and the scene before him, he feels guilty for watching such an intimate act. Gabriel walks away, only to hear the sounds of a struggle and smell the sweet scent of blood.

Hurrying back, Gabriel hopes the two little hot men he saw are okay. Instead he walks into five large men beating the two men he longed to join. Dealing with his mounting desire is the least of Gabriel's problems. Learning that Neil and Ryan were part of an underground slavering and the abuse they suffered, it's no wonder they don't trust Gabriel. But can he help heal them as they heal him of centuries of loneliness?

Angelique’s Review

“Dragon Mine” takes place in an alternate reality where women are almost extinct. It touches on recovering from past pain and abuse to move forward. Ms. Flynn crafts a unique world of consuming love, searing lust, and a dragon shifter.

Gabe is by far my favorite character in this novella. He is strong, brave, and loyal to his men. While Neil and Ryan’s demons were much more physical, he lived the majority of his almost 900 years being either hunted or unwanted. Watching him fall in love with the guys is heartwarming.

The love scenes in this story were uber steamy and the sexual tension was so thick, you could slice it like bread. Variety is definitely the key as the romantic interludes get hotter and hotter as the story moves on.
There were a few things in this story that I just could not wrap my head around. The method for dragon reproduction was very weird and that part of the story was a major turn-off for me.

“Dragon Mine” was a nice quick read with some very intense ménage action.

3 Tea Cups!


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