Sunday, August 22, 2010

Review: Passion's Escape by Ashlynn Monroe

Passion’s Escape by Ashlynn Monroe

Publisher: Silver Publishing
Genre: Menage Romance

Heat Rating: 3



In this harsh world only the strong survive.

Passion has a choice, escape or be sold by her desperate father.

Fortune sends two powerful men into her life. Men who have the power to free or enslave her, and who together bring her to the pinnacle of pleasure.

New worlds await Passion as she discovers that sometimes a slave can become the master.

Wendy’s Review

Let me begin by saying I loved, loved, loved this book! Ashlynn brings you into a futuristic world where there is danger and excitement. She has you reading word for word, line for line, paragraph by paragraph; you are afraid that if you don't read it that way you will miss something. The name of the book is Passion's Escape and she wasn't joking. Passion's Escape isn't just talking about escaping her situation with her father as much as escaping commitment. This story takes you into a world where the strong are the rulers and they rule with an iron fist. Even though her story is fantasy you get into the reality of the story line of today, there is passion, danger and extraordinary love and trust.

You feel Passion's emotions and with each word you feel for the woman who just wanted freedom. Passion is a woman who wants a life. She lives in a world where women are objects, not people.  They are to be owned and enslaved. She had enough courage to face down the enemy to get what she wants. Her strong will was an attraction to the Dragon and he wasn't being deterred. She was determined not to allow any man to own her, and to Dragon, it was his mission to own her body and soul. So when the two clash, tempers flair, but so does the sex. Passion has to stay one step ahead of Dragon and Hawk to make her way in life. Her fighting skills come in handy; she fiercely protects the ones she loves.

Dragon grew up harsh and wanted acceptance from his father, so when he met Passion something in him changed. Dragon could have any woman he wanted.  He couldn't understand why Passion didn't understand that by being with him, he was giving her everything. Everything but her freedom because she was his soul mate.

Hawk watched over Dragon, the emperor's son. They shared their lives and they shared Passion. Hawk had to make Dragon realize to receive true love from Passion he would have to be willing to give up control and let her go. When the three get together the sexual tension smolders until it lights the fire.

This is the first paranormal/futuristic book that I have read and I wasn't disappointed. Ashlynn wrote such a wonderful story that I can't wait to read another.

5 Tea Cups!

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