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Review: Barefoot Bride for Three by Reece Butler

Barefoot Bride for Three by Reece Butler

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Menage Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Elizabeth James escapes an odious fiancé by heading west on the first Bride Train of 1870. She finds herself at the end of the line in the Tanner’s Ford jail, forced to marry the town bully unless someone else defies Big Joe to marry her.

Sheriff Chambers banned the Elliotts from town until one got a wife and settled them all down. Finding a defiant Trace Elliott in town, the sheriff offers a tall, ornery barefoot woman to solve all their problems.
Beth is shocked how the stranger’s touch inflames her and mortified the next morning when hotel patrons comment on her amorous wedding night cries. She discovers the Elliott men share everything and intend to seduce her into agreeing. Trace, Simon and Jack heat her blood, but do they care for her, or only what she provides? Then Big Joe offers gold to bring her to him…

Wendy’s Review

This story is a fun and easy read. Reece Butler brings you into the Wild West with a bang. From the first sentence she has you on your toes wanting so much for these characters to be happy.

Elizabeth James is full of sass and vinegar. She is a tough as nails woman who had a hard life and lived through it. Her beauty went unnoticed until she met three rugged hardworking men who only wanted to make her happy and loved.

Trace was the oldest and he lived through his parents’ death, being dragged behind a horse, he and his brothers worked hard, played hard and fought hard. They needed a wife who could go toe to toe with them and be strong. Jack and Simon fell instantly in love with Beth while Trace took his time fearing that loving would cause him to be weak. But over time Beth's strong will and love brings the brothers from existing on a farm to being a family again.

Trace, Simon and Jack take Elizabeth into ecstasy. Elizabeth was so enthralled with her husband and his brothers that she knew that there was no way loving three men could be wrong when it felt so right. When three men are making every one of her sexual fantasies true, how can she deny the love that they have for each other?

Even though they become a family there is still danger lurking about and a man scorned and wanting revenge. Beth didn't have to worry though because she wasn't alone any longer. She had three hunky, caring men to take care of her.

You will have a great time going through the lives of Beth and her cowboys!

5 Tea Cups!

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