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Review: Sheriff by Eryn Blackwell

Sheriff by Eryn Blackwell

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Western Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Lorella Constonce runs a boarding house in 1887, Giddings, Texas, not a brothel. If she ran the latter, she might know how to entice the sexy Sheriff Jefferies to more than just her dinner table. The need to hide something from him doesn’t help her cause.

Treydon Jeffries has a dead body in town and he suspects Lorella knows more than she’s telling. Treydon’s determined to discover her secrets, even if he has to seduce them out of her. With as many fantasies as he’s had about Lorella, he wouldn’t mind taking charge and finally putting her where she belongs—in his bed.

Kris’ Review

Sheriff, by Eryn Blackwell is a well-written erotica Quickie that takes place in Giddings, Texas in 1887. It is one very hot steamy love story. I’ve always loved a good western, and I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

Five years ago, Lorella Constonce moved to Giddings, Texas. From the first time she saw him in town, she started to fantasize about Treydon Jeffries, the sheriff of the small town. Lorella comes to town to escape her past, one filled with a secret she hasn’t told anyone, that leaves her disliking the inside of a jailhouse.

Treydon Jeffries carries a heavy dose of desire for Ms. Lorella and makes a point of eating breakfast and dinner every day, at her boarding house. When a dead body shows up and he finds a tiny shoe print, he tries to figure out whose it could be. When he very casually questions Lorella, he notices her hesitation and fear. Could she be hiding the answer to solve the mystery of the dead body?

To challenge her, he states that the area isn’t safe until the murder mystery has been solved and since he’ll be at the jail that night, she’ll just have to bring him his dinner. Stubbornly she refuses saying that she can take care of herself. Then he kisses her. For a moment she can’t even think or move.

That evening throwing her fears to the wind, she takes the sheriff up on his challenge and brings him dinner. Only they never get around to actually eating any of it. Another kiss leads to a steamy night of hot erotic foreplay, especially when he ties her up gently to the headboard of the bed. He demands she tell him what her fears are and tries to get her to confess to him what bothers her so much.

Can the information she knows, help solve his murder? Could she be involved in the murder? Or at the very least did she witness the murder? He is bound and determined to finish what he started and much more. What begins at a game of cat and mouse in the jailhouse turns into a night of so much more.

I would highly recommend this book for anyone looking for a great erotic Quickie with a western twang to it. The sex is very hot earning this book a heat rating of 3 and earns four Tea Cups in my opinion.

4 Tea Cups!

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