Saturday, September 11, 2010

Review: Ashley’s Waltz by Taylor Kincaid

Ashley’s Waltz by Taylor Kincaid

Publisher: Red Rose Publishing
Genre: Fantasy Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Mary Lou is an experienced guardian angel, and she loves her work. But, when she is not on earth guarding the mortal she is assigned to, she can be found moonlighting at Heaven’s Studio of Ballroom Dance, where she is the head instructor. She must divide her time between Heaven and earth, as she is extremely busy with her case.

The mortal she is currently assigned to happens to be Ashley, a sweet four-year-old girl, who must suffer physical abuse at the hand of her mother’s boyfriend. Mary Lou finds the case particularly frustrating, as the mother does nothing to defend her child or to prevent the abuse from happening.

The angel still has some ideas she hopes to try in an effort to find someone who will be willing to get involved enough to help the poor child. But, all the avenues Mary Lou tries turn out to be dead ends. When the beatings begin to happen more often, and are becoming more severe…
What’s an angel to do?

Lena’s Review

How can you take a little girl from Earth? This is something that Mary Lou is figuring out right now. As a guardian angel she has seen many things in life that are beautiful and painful as well. One particular assignment though pulls at her heat. There are rules as an angel that she must comply with. These are rules that in this instance Mary Lou hates. She has seen little Ashley go through life in so much pain. It is pain that no little girl should experience but fate has something great for her. The thing is that she knows what she must do but can’t bear it anymore. Each day she see’s Ashley suffer more and each day she must bide her rules. Mary Lou knows that when the time comes people will be hurt but all that matters right now is Ashley. Can May Lou overcome her assignment to see that Ashley is finally safe?

I loved that Mary Lou has a heart of gold and must maintain a piece of her heart away from her assignments. My heart broke each time I read about little Ashley. Taylor did a great job in creating this story with so much in depth yet all in a short story. There is so much about this book that will make you cry yet in a way will make you feeling at peace about Ashley. This is definitely one that will pull at your heart and applaud Taylor for keeping it real and true all the way.

3 Tea Cups!


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