Monday, September 13, 2010

Review: Axel’s Obsession by Teirney Medeiros

Axel’s Obsession by Teirney Medeiros

Publisher: Amira Press
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Jolene Victor has lived her entire life haunted by the curse on her family. It has been foretold to bed a man will result in an obsession that can only end with her death. And she’s survived it—until now.

Enter Axel Danvers, a man plagued by his own past and guilt, returns home to claim Danvers Island as his own. One encounter with the mysterious Jolene draws Axel into the storm that’s been brewing for years. Someone else is watching, and he’s hungry

Hunter’s Review

In this follow up to her debut novel, Ivory’s Addiction, Teirney Medeiros once again introduces us to a wounded warrior, this time in the form of Axel Danvers. He has come home to take care of an inheritance left to him by his grandmother. After he witnesses, the beautiful Jolene Victor pleasuring herself in the moonlight he becomes obsessed with the idea of possessing her.

Jolene is clearly attracted to Axel. The problem: She has been raised to believe that she is cursed. Any man that beds her will become obsessed with her and ultimately cause destruction for both of them.

But this isn’t a case of your standard paranormal romance, beat the curse, fall in love scenario. No, Medeiros is much more subtle than that. It’s not one hundred percent certain that there is, in fact, a curse to be broken. Is it possible that by believing you are cursed and behaving like you are cursed that you create a self-fulfilling prophecy that leads you to be cursed?

Ultimately, Axel is forced to use his skills—and that of his friends who I really hope will have their own books—to save Jolene from someone who is obsessed with her. I’m not sure what this author’s background is but I’m sure she’s spent some time with military men because she really writes about these strong, capable, and yet emotionally wounded men in a way that makes them irrisistable to the reader.

I loved Ivory’s Addiction and it was Medeiros’ debut novel. Axel’s Obsession is even better. Clearly, she is a writer to watch out for. I wish she had more books released so I could read them right now.

5 Tea Cups!

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Teirney Medeiros said...

Hi, Hunter! I wanted to thank you for reviewing both Ivory's Addiction and Axel's Obsession. I'm so glad you enjoyed both of them! In fact, I scared my little one when I saw today's review :) Thank you so much!


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