Monday, September 13, 2010

Review: An Appetite for Passion by Cynthia MacGregor

An Appetite for Passion by Cynthia MacGregor

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Kari meets Max online, and the relationship sizzles. But there is a BIG obstacle--her weight. He knows she loves to eat but doesn’t know what that’s done to her figure. Will it bother him when he finally meets her in person?

Meanwhile, Jeff is funny and fun, and Kari loves being with him as a friend, but he admits he has a secret. Could it be that he is, after all, the guilty party in the political campaign sabotage? But if he’s innocent, can Kari prove it and clear Jeff’s name? And can they be more than just friends?

Note: Heroine has an affair with a secondary character.

Wendy’s Review

An Appetite for Passion is a great story of the two things I love: food and passion. Kari is a woman who loves to cook and loves to eat and she is waiting for a man to share her passion with; she was praying it was Max.

Cynthia's spin on incorporating the online dating, food, and sexually passionate passages together made a great recipe for a good book. Kari's appetite for passion is squelched by men who only see her from the outside, not the inner beauty. That is why internet dating was so nice. She could be what she wanted without being physically seen.

Max fell in love with Kari and of the woman he thought she should be. Just seeing her face, he wrote passionate letters to Kari about love and worshipping her, but when they met face to face it was more than he could handle.

Kari felt duped by Max's rejection, but this whole time she had done the same with a man she volunteered with at the political office where she volunteered.

Going through the days not knowing who was real and who wasn't had Kari almost losing what she was looking for by not being true to herself or true to knowing that there is a man for every woman.

This story is set mostly in the computer mode but with real life problems about honesty within yourself. That no one accepts you if can't accept yourself.

I rate this 4 Tea Cups for a great story of food and computers and 2 heat index; loved the sexual descriptions, but wished it had more action.

4 Tea Cups!

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