Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Review: Death Unseen by Tia Dani

Death Unseen by Tia Dani

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Fantasy Romance

Heat Rating: 1



Navajo Tribal Policeman Lance Logan discovers his cousin’s body brutally mauled and senses there’s more to the death than it appears. His intuition leads him from Four Corners, New Mexico, to Phoenix, Arizona, where he finds himself embroiled in another murder case.

Carly Carlton could be considered an ordinary woman except for two traits she tries to keep hidden—clairvoyant powers and the ability to experience death in dreams. Her talent to see beyond the veil of reality, as she and Lance try to find a killer, helps to soothe his embittered heart and softens his revenge.

Unbeknownst to either, Lance carries the DNA key coveted by a maniac intent on creating a human with animalistic killing tendencies. But the madman’s plan doesn’t include Carly’s expanding talents or her unconditional love for Lance. She will do anything to save him…even if it means sacrificing her own life.

Monica’s Review

Death Unseen by Tia Dani was written very well. It keeps you guessing on whom the “Creator” is or what is killing people in campsites. Arizona is full of 4 feet critters especially out in the desert. Interesting on how a man Lance Logan and a woman Carly Carlton have similar characteristics. They both see each others auroras and also how attracted they to each other, their attraction because more intense as they investigate the mauling in the campgrounds. What was killing innocent people and also will be get revenge for his cousin?

The character Lance Logan was defined as a Native American that has his own beliefs of how to see different situations. Take everything into account your surroundings and read peoples body language, basically go with your gut instinct it is usually correct and don't judge anyone before seeing what they can do. The writer brought out Logan’s determination to get revenge for his cousin's killer. All Logan knows is that there’s a killer out in the loose and is continuing killing and needs to find a way to stop it.

The character Carly Carlton was defined as a woman that felt that her life had no meaning, no love and her visions were of horror. The way Dani wrote out all of her visions/dreams and how it vivid and freighting they were to her. But the vision/dreams are coming true. Dani writes about her own difficulties during her life as a teenager/ young adult with her father and how that has affected her life. How true how your parent’s actions can affect your life forever until you learn to finally forgive them. Dani does a wonderful job in writing on how you are able to get yourself entangled in her character and feel as if this could be you. Can you find love after dealing with a rough parent and basically be disowned from the family?

The story was very well written and also has some true beliefs on the Native American heritage. Get yourself lost in Arizona out in the wilderness and experience life through the eyes of Lance Logan and Carly Carlton.

3 Tea Cups!


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