Thursday, September 23, 2010

Review: Despite the Ghosts by Dylan Newton

Despite the Ghosts by Dylan Newton

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Rating: 2



For spirit medium and parapsychology professor Nola Richards, love is as dead as the ghosts she communicates with. Then one spirit’s cryptic message on her shower door forces her out of the paranormal and into the arms of his hot bachelor brother—business tycoon and complete skeptic Parker Sebastian.

As if dealing with funeral arrangements, an ugly internal audit and his greedy step-family weren’t enough, Parker’s newest problem arrives in a gorgeous, if eccentric, package. After hearing Nola’s “message from beyond,” Parker knows two things: he wants her…and she’s a con artist somehow responsible for his brother’s death.

To help this restless ghost, Nola must overcome Parker’s disbelief. Although sexual energy crackles between them, she knows corporation and meditation don’t mix. It’ll take more than spirit interference and otherworldly signs to make their romance work, Despite the Ghosts.

Hunter’s Review

I loved everything about this book. The heroine is quirky, smart, and interesting. Even in first person, which doesn’t always work for me, I found I could like her. She was funny without being snarky. I think sometimes authors feel they need to make their first person heroines totally sarcastic to be interesting, they don’t, and Dylan Newton avoids that trap like the plague. In Nola, she has created a real person with psychic abilities. She accepts it, so you do. It works.

Parker is hot, if sometimes predictable, and I loved watching these two fall in love. The ghosts running around keep the plot moving forward fast and I found myself excited to read every chapter. I’m so glad this book came my way.

It was a great read and I think everyone will love it!

5 Tea Cups!

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