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Review: Bewitching Love by J. Rose Allister

Bewitching Love by J. Rose Allister

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Dream Ballantyne has looks, money, a beach house and magic powers. But her love life is a complete zero. She takes matters into her own wand and conjures a spell to lure passion, unaware that more fire than she can handle is already en route.

Grant Decker is a sexy Midwesterner who moves into the beachfront lot across the street to build his dream home. The neighborhood welcome wagon includes a warning to steer clear of the blonde seductress across the street, who tries to impose construction demands on Grant to spare her precious ocean view.

Their battle of wills quickly sparks into flaming erotic attraction, but when Grant learns witchcraft is responsible, he refuses to be taken in by her enchanted charms. But forgetting the passion of their lifetimes is the least of their worries—surprises and supernatural danger lie in the wake of one enchanted evening.

Monica’s Review

J. Rose Allister's, Bewitching Love, is a passionate love story in which magic has its advantages but at times there is regret. Allister brought out the characters exceptionally well. There is Dream, a witch and Grant a human farmer from the Midwest. There is also Jason, an ex that helps Dream with an unforeseen future that was unexpected but is part of life. Dream hoped that Grant would be there at the time when she needed him the most but it seems that magic is harder to overcome. There is one thing that Dream and Grant have in common and that is death.

Dream Ballantyne, is a lonely witch that has had a rough life when it comes to love. After the loss of her parents all she wants to do is find someone that will love her and hold her. One night with a new neighbor will change it all. I love how Allister makes Dream's spirit of being so alive, determined, independent and caring.

Grant Deckman, a lonely Midwestern farmer that comes to California to build an ocean view home, land that his grandfather left him after he passes away. Will Grant let his guard down when he finds out what is neighbor after falling in love with Dream? Allister also does an excellent job with Grant on how strong willed he is after he can over come the supernatural world. Grant is full of love and can handle anything that comes in-between him and his true love.

Allister does an excellent job in finding a wedge to break in-between the love of Dream and Grant. Not only does magic tear them apart but one more supernatural being, vampires. The character of a witch versus vampires is a wonderful way to break a wonderful bond between a witch and a human.

Chapters 26 through 28 reveals all the truth of what happened to Dream’s parents and also why the vampires want her. Allister does excellent writing with her twist of how a witch can be a great asset in a vampire world and how two worlds can come together. Will Grant be able to save the love of his life, or the other way around, will Dream save the love of her life?

In a love story there are always ups and downs in a relationship—times when jealousy can over come someone and their pride get in the way, when the other side of them is screaming to do the right thing. There are moments of passion, fear, and the question of is it love or lust. But one thing is true, a quote from the book:“Why did it take the threat of death to clarify life?”

I highly recommend this book to be read. Bewitching Love has its moments of passion, times you just want to say 'what the hell are you doing you are ruining everything', but most of all a happily ever after.

4 Tea Cups!

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