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Review: Divine Redemption by Rebecca Rose

Divine Redemption by Rebecca Rose

Publisher: Lyrical Press
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Sometimes redemption is the only salvation needed to forgive yourself.

In his first selfless act, Donald Write takes a bullet for Daniel Allen. Now he's changed his name and moved across the country to live with Daniel’s family, whose welcoming home reception wasn't very warm.

Jacqueline is Daniel’s daughter. This soft spoken, well dressed lady soon teaches Donald that looks can be deceiving and her heart can be his if he’s willing to open up and except her gift of love.

Donald hadn't counted on the intense and immediate attraction to Jacqueline. She’s the boss’s daughter and off limits; that is until he finds himself with an irresistible primal need to be with her. She shows him love in a way he's never felt before and gives him the strength to become the better man he's always wanted to be. But how can Donald touch and care for someone so pure of heart when their future can be destroyed by his past? A future built on redemption and second chances.

Angelique’s Review

After finishing up “Divine Turmoil,” I was ready to indulge in “Divine Redemption.” The story took me by surprise at first since it actually happens before the events of the first book. The shock faded quickly as I was able to dive back into the world of the Allen family. Ms. Rose delivers another wonderful contemporary romance with characters leaping off the page.

It was nice to finally get to know Jacqueline, since she had a small role to play in “Divine Turmoil.” I really liked her attitude, but also enjoyed that she was smart enough to help the Allen family run their business. That made the sexual tension scenes in the office even hotter.

Cam/Donald was a great hero to Jacqueline’s heroine. Not only was he hot, but he had some pretty serious issues to deal with during the course of the story. The contrast of his family and upbringing as opposed to the Allens really show how far he had travelled in making sure he made something of himself. It also showed the amount of faith that Daniel Allen has in him. I was emotionally involved and was happy to see them get their HEA.

In “Divine Turmoil,” I noticed that the sex scenes were underwhelming after scene after scene of sexual tension that could be cut with a knife. I was happy to find out that that was not the case in this novella. The sex is much hotter and fiercer.

“Divine Redemption” was an excellent read and I’m looking forward to the last installation in Ms. Rose’s Divine series.

5 Tea Cups!

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