Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Review: Barbarian by Amanda Steiger

Barbarian by Amanda Steiger

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Genre: Sci-Fi Romance

Heat Rating: 3



When Raina discovers an injured man in a suspension capsule, she doesn’t know that he’s Talon, the ruler of the enemy planet Skandria, known among her own people as the Barbarian King. She just knows that he’s the most beautiful man she’s ever seen.

She heals his wounds and takes him back to the Hold, where the sri’dith reside. Tabitha, their leader, recognizes Talon and forces him under her control by means of a slave crown: a tool which makes it impossible for him to leave and allows her to inflict agonizing pain on him at will.

As Raina witnesses his determined attempts to escape, her feelings for this fierce, strong-willed man deepen. At first she resists. Her code forbids her from knowing a man’s touch…but when Talon returns her feelings, his touch awakens passions she never knew she had, passions too strong to deny. Unable to bear seeing him confined, she helps him escape. But in doing so, she becomes a traitor to her own planet. Raina has no choice but to give up everything she has ever known for the sake of one man.

Hunter’s Review

I think one of the things I really liked about this well-written, hot Sci-Fi novel by Amanda Steiger was how long she took to develop the characters. When you read this story, you are really given an opportunity to know them.

Talon is a wonderful, hot, strong Alpha male who I enjoyed reading immensely. Really fun read and I recommend to anyone who likes Science Fiction romance.

4 Tea Cups!

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