Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Review: Enchantment in Morocco by Madeleine McDonald

Enchantment in Morocco by Madeleine McDonald

Publisher: Red Rose Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 1



Emily Ryan is maxed-out on her credit cards and jobless in Morocco. Rafi Hassan expects others to obey him without question. When he throws her a financial lifeline, she wishes that he would offer her more.

On top of the inconvenient emotions unleashed by Rafi’s compelling green eyes, Emily soon clashes with his unyielding patriarchal attitudes and acceptance of the centuries-old traditions that dictate life in the sleepy village of Taghar. Will she succeed in persuading her intransigent employer to allow his teenage daughter Nour more freedom?

As the seasons turn and the olives ripen, Emily dares to dream of winning his heart—until danger threatens from an unexpected quarter

Clare’s Review

The slow pace of Moroccan life, along with its vibrancy and colours echoes through this charming story. Emily and Rafi are world's apart in both culture and status, Although sometimes telling rather than showing, the story moves at a fair pace towards a climax I didn't see coming. The characters are well balanced and engaging, complete with flaws they don't bother to hide. Worth reading.

3 Tea Cups!



Stuart Aken said...

Great review for a lovely love story by this intelligent and well-travelled author. The local scenes and customs are drawn with such insight that the author must be familiar with Morocco. Although this is not an erotic read, it simmers with as much sexual heat as the desert land in which it is set.

Silversongbird said...

I loved reading this gentle romance, such a refreshing contrast to sweaty bodies writhing around. For Ms McDonald concentrates on allowing the story to be told through her characters. I almost fell in love with the sultry Rafi and his astounding green eyes. Emily grows through the story, from being sure that she knows everything to realising that life still has surprises. The denouement was surprising, but logical and both she and Rafi realise how much they could have lost. The setting of the sleepy town of Taghar is another character, one that teaches Emily that her priorities are not what she first believed. I shall read this again.

Penny Grubb said...

I loved this book. I felt it really captured Morocco, not that I've been but it was one of those reads that takes you right into the local customs and culture. I hope there will be more from this author.


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