Monday, September 27, 2010

Review: Firsts by Rosalie Stanton

Firsts by Rosalie Stanton

Publisher: Loose Id
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Savannah is looking at entering college as a virgin. After getting her heart shattered by one of the high school’s notorious playboys, she turns to her best friend, Thorn, and implores him to help her solve the tiny problem of her virginity.

What she doesn’t know is Thorn has been in love with her since the second he laid eyes on her, and asking him to touch what he can’t have is nothing less than torture. After succumbing to her advances, Thorn makes it his mission to convey everything he hasn’t been able to put into words into touch, hoping Savannah will feel in his hands and mouth what she has never seen in his eyes.

LynnMarie’s Review

Firsts is a fitting title for this contemporary romance. Savannah doesn’t want to enter college as a virgin, and she wants her first time to be with someone she trusts, and feels safe with. The perfect choice, in her opinion, is her best friend, Wesley, aka Thorn. When she explains her proposition, Thorn refuses her, claiming sex changes friendships, and he doesn’t want them to lose what they have. Little does she know, her best friend has been in love with her since they were kids.

Savannah is young and inexperienced. Though she jumps into the prospect of losing her virginity with Thorn, she soon realizes it’s much bigger than just sex. She has feelings for him, and when she begins to look at him as a potential sexual object, she becomes aware just how masculine and stunning her buddy has become.

Thorn, with his sexy English accent, is a gentleman and never pushes Savannah to do anything she isn’t comfortable with. Though he knows it will break his heart to be intimate with his friend, and then play like nothing happened, it’s too tempting to refuse. Will what they share together be a highschool fling or become much more? Does sex really change everything?

This was a cute story about two friends discovering themselves and love. The sex scenes are hot, with a humorous edge. Thorn is every woman’s dream man. The ending and epilogue were perfect after the frustration of dealing with two characters that had no clue the other had feelings for them. For a sweet and sexy romance about first times and first love, give Firsts by Rosalie Stanton a read!

4 ½ Tea Cups!

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Rosalie Stanton said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful review! It completely made my day!


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