Monday, September 27, 2010

Review: Dustin Time by June Kramin

Dustin Time by June Kramin

Publisher: Champagne Books
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



A successful veterinarian, Kaitlyn thought she was content with her life. That is, until she turns thirty and realizes that her current 'boy toy' is simply not the father material she was looking for. As her biological clock ticks loudly in her ear, both her 'toy' and fate strongly disagree.

But something happens and over the next several days, she starts traveling between her birthdays of an altered present and those of her past, leaving her more confused than ever. With the help of a kindly old custodian named Frank, Kaitlyn comes to terms with her feelings for Dustin. And can Dustin Time quiet the ticking she's trying so desperately to ignore?

Hunter’s Review

Kaitlyn wakes up on her thirtieth birthday (though she insists its 29. LOL) and has great sex with her friend and sometimes sex partner, Dustin. They’re not serious about each other, even though they’ve been ‘dating’ for a long time. At the end of the day, as she thinks about her life, Kaitlyn decides she really wants more out of life and muses aloud that while she and Dustin have to break up because at her current age she needs more than ‘I like you’ if she’s going to have a family, she wishes they had met earlier and differently.

The next morning she’s gotten what she wishes for. She wakes up in her room—but it’s different, Dustin is there, they are married, and they have a baby girl Ali. Kaitlyn loves this reality but at the end of the day when she goes to sleep—boom—she’s back to her previous existence—then that that night—boom she’s back in college meeting Dustin but differently that she did in her first reality.

Kaitlyn travels through times finding things that have gone wrong and then travelling back to the time when she can fix them. All of these travels do have a downside (I don’t want to give this away) and it ends up being very emotional.

I really enjoyed this book immensely and I thought it was very, very well written. One complaint. Initially, when Kaitlyn meets Ali and sees her alternative future she makes a big decision to seek that future and we are not given, in my opinion, enough Dustin in that time to justify her fast change and adoration. But, we get a lot of him later and certainly he is a great hero.

I think readers who enjoy Time Travel stories, as I do, will love this book.

4 1/2 Tea Cups!

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