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Review: Flaws And All by Mahalia Levey

Flaws And All by Mahalia Levey

Publisher: Beautiful Trouble Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Nadja Mederios knows what she wants after months of watching Donato keep order at Club Mist, and an intervention from her best friend Taleena. As a lounge singer, she portrays a sensual, sultry woman, but she’s not the high-maintenance girl people assume she is. In fact, a tomboy lies beneath her protective costume. When the real woman comes to light, she hopes Donato finds her just as sexy as the mask.

Donato Falcone isn’t looking for commitment, but when someone touches Nadja without permission, rational thought leaves him and rage steps in. After his temper cools, he sees a different side of Nadja. Her sleek sophistication may well be a front for the girl who could be his forever, if he can find a way to break down her barriers.

Monica’s Review

Mahalia Levey does a good job writing this short story about how a women's low self esteem can stir problems in her life. A very true quote from the book confirms that no matter what don't change anything for anyone, if they don't like you for whom you are tough luck, "Any man who doesn't love you for yourself can piss off." Levey portrays this so well in her characters.

Levey's characters are so real. You have your hard ass man, Donato Falcone, a military man who served his country. Now running owner of his uncles club has the authority of overlooking his new possession and certainly his employees. You have your tomboy female singer, Nadja Mederios, whom after a rough relationship has left her with a low self-esteem about her self and her love life. Even friends can't seem to break Nadja down.

Levey does good writing on how a little push in the right direction is all you need to no longer feel so insecure about who you really are as a person and especially as someone's lover. No matter what there is someone out there that will love you whether you are a tomboy or a girly girly as written in the book, never lose hope.

3 Tea Cups!


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