Friday, September 17, 2010

Review: Heartkeeper by Christine M. Taylor

Heartkeeper by Christine M. Taylor

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Rating: 2



. . . Beyond time, and death, and hope have I loved you . . .
So writes a soldier of the Nameless Guard, a halfblood who serves the vampire nobility. He is the son of two warring worlds-- half-vampire, half-werewolf-- an immortal outcast. As a vampire, he is a true immortal, but as a werewolf, he loves only once: instantly and forever. But the one who holds his heart is Ravienne Nightborn, heiress to the vampire throne. Bound to her for all time by a despairing love he can neither deny nor escape, he writes the words he cannot speak.

This is his love letter.

Hunter’s Review

This is a first person narrative, told in past tense by a nameless guard—although sometimes he is called Baddog—who is a half werewolf, half vampire. He is in love with the princess of the Nightbloods—Ravienne—since the moment he delivered her from her deceased mother’s body.

This was a fascinating idea and I thought the author, Christine M. Taylor, did a great job of introducing us to this truly unique world where vampire kings and queens war against the werewolves and children considered half-breeds are treated worse than animals.

But, having said that, the love letter aspect of this story did not work for me. Baddog spends ninety percent of the story lamenting, very dramatically about everything. I’m not sure if Ms. Taylor was trying to channel Anne Rice’s Louie from Interview with the Vampire but this just didn’t work for me. Also, I didn’t find Ravienne very worthy of all of this love although I understand the mythology being that, as a werewolf, Baddog has no choice in who he loves. Still, she does something at the beginning of the book that made me dislike her and I never got over it.

I think Baddog is very romantic and I wish I could have taken this journey with him happily. I think lovers of old-fashioned love letters will enjoy this foray into the Paranormal.

2 Tea Cups!


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