Thursday, October 14, 2010

Review: Allure by Sommer Marsden

Allure by Sommer Marsden

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Rating: 4



May’s been lusting after Chase Campbell forever. Her brain goes dirty instantly with this man. Just controlling the urge to knock him down and climb aboard is a struggle. So when he shows up for their first date and May realizes she’s ovulating and is about to become a sexual booby trap, she panics.

See, Chase doesn’t know she’s a shifter. Yet. She hasn’t quite gotten to that part. So now all she has to do is this—go on the date, not look directly at him, not touch him, no kissing, no hugging. Tada! Easy.

Until he touches her. Then touches her some more. And then she touches him and… Well, this isn’t going to be easy at all. Damn.

Monica’s Review

Allure by Sommer Marsden is a very exotic, sexual  book. May Hughes is a proofreader and freelance technical writer, and she is also a bobcat. Chase Campbell is an owner of a small coffee shop where she does some of her writing. They have been secretly in lust for one another but have never been totally honest of their feelings. 

Finally Chase has the finally secured a date with May. You can guess from there how their date goes from innocent to where they cannot keep their hands off each other. Can they make it through their dinner in one piece without having sex in the middle of the restaurant? Recommended reading for those looking for an erotic book with sexually hungry shape shifters.

3 Tea Cups!


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