Friday, October 1, 2010

Review: Immortal Sea by Virginia Kantra

Immortal Sea by Virginia Kantra

Publisher: Berkley
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Rating: 2



From a chance encounter…

Morgan of the finfolk does not normally waste his attention on humankind, but while in Copenhagen, he meets a young woman who captures his interest-if only for a night. On sojourn in Europe before starting medical school, Elizabeth is intelligent, attractive…and eager for a little adventure...

A memory kept…

Sixteen years later, Dr. Elizabeth Rodriguez is called to the island of World's End to become its only doctor. There, she hopes to reconnect with her troubled son Zack, who has become withdrawn since her husband's death. She has no idea that World's End will also reconnect her with Morgan…

And a future about to be born…

From the moment Morgan lays his eyes on young Zack, he suspects the boy is finfolk-and his own son. As he and Liz clash over Zack's fate, they discover their desire is as strong as ever. But proud Morgan's loyalty has always been the sea, while Liz's responsibilities lie on land. Will their reignited passion be enough to bring them together? Or will their secrets force them apart?

Hunter’s Review

I have enjoyed reading the Children of the Sea series by Virginia Kantra so much. I have to admit, however, that by far this book—Immortal Sea—is the best one in the series so far. This was the first book to not have to do with Caleb, Dylan, or Lucy—the central family in the previous books.

Instead, the hero is Morgan of the Finfolk, a tough, cold warrior who has no time to trifle in human affairs. Except one. And out of that encounter, a baby is born. This story is about Liz—the mother of that baby—and Morgan finding each other again fifteen years later on the island of World’s End.

Ms. Kantra is an extremely talented writer and I enjoyed every second of this book. Morgan is a true Alpha hero, he doesn’t need anything—until he absolutely needs and loves Liz and her children. Some of the previous couples make an appearance in this book without overwhelming it.

I think you will love Liz and Morgan. I think you will love this book.

5 Tea Cups!

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