Friday, October 22, 2010

Review: In Alien Arms by Ellen Starr

In Alien Arms by Ellen Starr

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand
Genre: Sci-Fi Romance

Heat Rating: 4



When Desah Ssyn arrives on Earth, all he wants to do is carry out his assignment, then get home before his Chara cycle begins and all he can think about is sex. He never counted on being attracted to Federal Marshal Nevada Cisco, his guide and partner while on Earth, or the strong feelings he's developing for Sophie Gibson, the woman Nevada is assigned to protect.

Nevada Cisco isn't pleased with his new assignment--until he meets Desah Ssyn, and his world is turned upside down. Soon his orders to cooperate with the alien take on a whole new meaning.

For Sophie, being in protective custody isn't bad. When the two men protecting her are gorgeous, and one of them is an alien in heat, how could any earth-born woman deny the call of the alien's Chara time? Or for that matter, how can any earth-born man? Certainly not Sophie and Nevada.

But there are dark undercurrents threatening to tear the threesome apart, just as they are learning the joy of sharing their bodies with each other. Chak Enif, the alien drug dealer with a secret link to Desah, and Sophie's ex-boyfriend, Brian, have found them. Soon the chase is on, and the alien drug peddler is not about to allow Desah to complete his assignment without a fight. Alien sex is the powerful aphrodisiac that binds them together, but will they survive the forces determined to tear them apart?

NOTE: This book was previously published by the author (as Etienne D'Artagnan) at a different publisher.

Monica’s Review

In Aliens Arms by Ellen Starr was, what can I say, scorching hot! The passion and love that was written in this book by Ellen Starr was remarkable. There are several characters that Starr created in this book: Desah Ssyn, an alien, Nevada Cisco, a Federal Marshal, and Sophie, a witness that they must protect. The amount of passion they experience is unbelievable, but can it last?

 Being from a different world and not knowing the boundaries of the new world will be difficult for Desah to comprehend. Following your heart is all you can do and that will give you the answer you need to be happy, be complete. Will it be too late for Desah to find himself and give into his heart and find true love on Earth? It is only a matter of time, and time is running out due to the dangers that will come to them when they have someone to protect, Sophie. Desah also has his own mission, stop the drug dealer, but can this happen now that complications have risen with new found feelings?

 All three characters go through intense feelings but they somewhat draw back because they know it is only temporary since Desah is on a mission and Nevada is only on assignment, but can they make this work even if Desah is from another world? I recommend this book, In Aliens Arms by Ellen Starr, to anyone that is ready to read this passionate, lustful, and adventurous book that will have you squirming for more.

4 1/2 Tea Cups!

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