Friday, October 29, 2010

Review: Rein Me In by Larissa Lyons & Alyssa Brooks

Rein Me In by Larissa Lyons & Alyssa Brooks

Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Western Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Bottoms Up, Book Two

Suzy likes her men tough and her sex rough—and for two weeks a year, she indulges in both. On the agenda this vacation? Untamed cowboy, straight from the source—a hoppin’ bar in rural West Texas named Bottoms Up. But tough turns to trouble when she picks the wrong cowboy—an ex-con fresh from the slammer who won’t take no for an answer…

Jonah McKenzie rides to the rescue, clueless the fiery redhead who tempts him into the wildest night of his life is actually a blast from his past. It’ll take a firm hand indeed once he discovers the tattooed firecracker in his bed is none other than the soft-spoken sweetheart he once finagled a date with—only to stand her up when unexpected tragedy struck.

At six-foot-four Jonah’s one long, tall Texan, and he’s hell-bent on reining in the “lady” claiming he’s too tame to satisfy her naughty side. He’ll be happy to prove she’s wrong—with that western belt of his that she so admires.

Wendy’s Review

Rein Me In was intriguing and a book that held tension between two people that over the years came back together after tragedy.

Suzy wanted sex hard and fast and messy. She had learned over the years that normal wasn't her and the rougher the sex the better she liked it. One night sex wasn't on the cowboy she had chose, it was rape. Being saved with a cowboy in a white truck wasn't like being saved with a cowboy on a white horse, but hey this was the 20th century story. Her two week sex vacation didn't start on a good note.

Jonah McKenzie had a lot to overcome years before he was in college and had met Suzy and life was going as planned until a tragic accident with his parents' death and he flew out of Susanne's life without a word, causing her to yet again think that something was wrong with her that she wasn't worthy. So when they met at the bar after years of separation he couldn't believe his luck to show her what he wanted to years before. The problem was that Suzy wanted hot and hard and Jonah wanted to woe her but was willing to wield his belt and his dominance to keep her happy. Slowly rebuilding her to his way of thinking and showing her there was more to a relationship then hot sex for the two week vacation.

But Larissa and Alyssa showed you that true blue cowboys are out there protecting and cherishing their women. Cowboys do get their woman in the end.

Even though the story was a great love story it was hard to follow with the journal entries at times. Reading got confusing, but was worth the effort in the end.

4 Tea Cups!

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