Friday, October 29, 2010

Review: Sweet Redemption by Nicole Morgan

Sweet Redemption by Nicole Morgan

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Tamara is in an unsatisfying relationship with her boyfriend, Brent. She is shocked when she learns he has been unfaithful. Seething with the betrayal, Tamara throws herself into a night of passion with the sexy owner of the health club she attends.

Jack, a former Navy SEAL and current health club owner, is wrestling with demons from his past. A former SEAL mission that went horribly wrong has left him struggling with issues of betrayal.

Brent is prepared to do whatever it takes to get Tamara back. His desire for her becomes an obsession that he cannot control. He sets out to destroy anyone that stands in his way. Will Brent succeed? Or will the power of Jack and Tamara’s love give them the courage to fight against an unrelenting evil?

Warning: Contains excessive violence.

Monica's Review

Sweet Redemption by Nicole Morgan is full or excitement, terror, pain and sadness all rolled up in one. Tamara, Jack and Brent are all characters in this tragic but yet passionate love story that Nicole Morgan has written. The amount of pain that has been inflicted into each of these characters is so dramatic to wonder how two characters seem be able to find love in one another but will it last.

Jack and Brent each have a painful past that they need to deal with in order to be able to live a normal wonderful life. Tamara has been with Brent for one year and a half to only to find out he was unfaithful. Come on how can you not dump him after that? How can Brent not understand the pain he has just inflicted on Tamara? Does he really not think Tamara will live the rest of her life with him after this and she will just forgive him that easy and just say what "sure honey I forgive you for cheating on me, I will take you back, I Love You."? What makes a man think that if a woman will not take them back after what they have done they should not be for no one else?

Brent is a crazy lunatic and does not deserve the amount of time that Tamara committed to him. Well sorry Brent, but Jack has other plans for Tamara. I love how Ms. Morgan has written this book with so much passion on what some real relationships have gone through, and what Tamara has endured in the hands of Brent. Jack is an ex-Navy Seal and will do anything for Tamara after only knowing her for a couple of hours, but can he truly let his guard down and fall in love with her? After his own past will he be able to protect Tamara when she needs him the most and be there for her?

Remember, in order to truly start a true relationship you must be able to trust your partner and be able to confide in them about everything from your past to be truly happy, have no regrets. Will Jack trust Tamara, let her in, and be truthful before it is too late? I highly recommend this book by Nicole Morgan to anyone that is one that loves to read a love story that will make you cry from the tragic pain that some of the characters have endured to the good cries due to the amount of happiness that comes.

5 Tea Cups!

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