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Review: Sehra’s Honor by Kama Spice

Sehra’s Honor by Kama Spice

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Rawa is an Independent. A cat shifter who left his pride as soon as he could, shortly after his sexual Awakening. He’d looked forward to the day he could escape his father’s abuse and travel the pridelands—making his own way and carving his own destiny. But in leaving behind his pride of origin, he also left behind Sehra, the only female who made his blood rage furiously.

Now Sehra’s father has promised her to a future Leader King in the Eastern Territories. For years after her Awakening, Sehra longed to feel the heat of Rawa’s skin against hers. But having given up on his return, she has agreed to the match and a date has been set.

Although Rawa has tried to forget Sehra, the thought that he might lose her forever is unbearable and he begins a race against the clock. Rawa must stop this ceremony and claim Sehra, once and for all.

Hunter’s Review

Ms. Spice has created a world the likes of which I have never read before. I really enjoyed getting caught up in it and seeing where she took me. It turned out to be a wild ride. Rawa is an Independent, meaning he is no longer connected with any particular pride. There is a good reason for this. He’d been born into a pride where he was raised and had fallen in love with the woman, Sehra, he was certain was his True Mate.
But Sehra is part of the royal family, her lineage is considered higher than his and her father would never have approved the match. Forced to flee after a terrible incident, Rawa leaves without saying goodbye to Sehra. She is left heartbroken and alone.

Years later, as the action of the book begins, they are finding each other again. But as you can imagine, the road to true love does not come smoothly and life throws at them—both physically and metaphysically—lots of road blocks.

I think Ms. Spice did a great job with the amount of heat in this book, readers of Ellora’s Cave will not be disappointed. She is obviously a writer adept at creating sexual tension and then making it spark. But, I do think that perhaps for a book as brief as it was, she tried to do too much. One or two fewer stumbling points would have let us have more time with the hero and heroine smoldering in each other’s presence.

That being said, I’m thrilled to have read this book and will pick her up again in the future. Great book. I recommend it.

4 Tea Cups!

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