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Lacy: A Bad Girl’s Revenge by Cherie De Sues

Lacy: A Bad Girl’s Revenge by Cherie De Sues

Publisher: Noble Romance
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Lacy Hennessey is hunting the last man linked to an ambush that led to her father's death. As an heir to her father's role as the enforcer for the Irish mob in Boston, Lacy is armed and dangerous when she arrives in a small Colorado resort.

Dr. Josh Davenport missed his flight for a little R & R after an avalanche blocks the road, when he meets Lacy at the Hotel bar. Lacy easily manipulates Josh into offering her a place to sleep for the night. But Josh is aware Lacy isn't just another gorgeous blonde in a red dress with legs that go all the way up.

Lacy enjoys Josh's company and his bed, but business is business when she leaves his arms to face the man who killed her father. And if Josh makes any more connections about her real identity, Lacy may have to add him to her list.

Hunter’s Review

Wow! What a wild ride this book is. If you’re looking for your traditional girl meets boy, girl realizes the error to her bad ways you are not going to find it in this book. Lacy is unabashedly bad and I loved her for it.

Josh is romantic and instantly attracted to Lacy and she likes him too…but not enough to stop her from doing what she has to do. This is a fast read but, a hot one, and I recommend it for anyone looking to have a really good time and to smile a lot while they see the words sizzle of the page.

Great, fast read!

5 Tea Cups!

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Chérie De Sues said...

I'm thrilled Hunter! Thank you very much for your excellent review of Lacy: A Bad Girl's Revenge. Lacy was born from my publisher's desire for a very bad girl who would fall in love. Jill Noble at Noble Romance Publishing has an eye for the future of romance and Lacy: A Bad Girl's Romance followed the story you just reviewed. I appreciate your kind words and hope readers will enjoy their copy of Lacy!


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