Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Review: To Catch a Cop by Elle Druskin

To Catch a Cop by Elle Druskin

Publisher: Red Rose Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Forty-year-old single mother Lindy Kellerman needs a man, a secure job and an exercise program. What she gets is a dead student in her Sydney university nursing classroom.

Detective Fraser MacKinnon needs to meet a smart woman and can't decide whether to arrest Lindy or seduce her. With Lindy as chief suspect and threatened by the real killer, MacKinnon has his hands full.
Interrupted attempts at furthering their romance combine with Lindy's amateur sleuthing. Lindy's hunches and MacKinnon's skill leads them down a trail of false leads and university scandals with a murderer ready to strike again. Along the way Lindy and Fraser discover that love is definitely better the second time around.

Lena’s Review

Lindy Kellerman is a woman who is just trying to make ends meet but someone wants her to stop teaching. She has no idea why she is the target but someone wants her dead now. What started out as a leaving a body in her classroom has erupted into a scandal that no one saw coming. With everything happening she didn’t expect to meet Detective Frasier MacKinnon. Moving to Australia might not have been a smart move for her children but being with MacKinnon is making her wonder that maybe love can bloom among death. She has no idea who the killer is but knows that her time is ticking with the school. With the killer hovering nearby, and deadline to meet her tenure, she has no time for romance. Or does she?

Detective Frasier MacKinnon is a workaholic one of the reasons why his wife divorced him in the first place. It is also another reason why he feels so protective of Lindy Kellerman. As a new teacher and a person living in Australia he knows that it is sometimes hard to get adjusted to a new life. What attracts him though to the professor is she is no shrinking damsel but courageous as well. Just like him she’s determined to find the killer no matter at what costs. MacKinnon has no idea why someone would want to hurt her but will do anything he can to see she stays alive. Just when he thinks he’s found the culprit they get a step ahead of him. Will it be too late to tell Lindy his real feelings?

This is the first I have read from this author and have to say she sure knows how to keep you intrigued in the book till the end. Throughout the book I’m like who is the killer, why Lindy and not someone else. Now what I loved about this is that Lindy is so funny she has no idea what is happening but is scared witless in a funny way. MacKinnon compliments her in every way from teasing her about Scots and kilts to passionate kisses getting interrupted. Loved it.

3 Tea Cups!


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