Monday, October 25, 2010

Review: Twin Pleasures by Suzanne Thomas

Twin Pleasures by Suzanne Thomas

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Menage Romance

Heat Rating: 4



When Donavan and Chase come upon Liana undressing, they are overcome with lust and realize that she is the woman of their dreams. Liana is strong and passionate, with just the right amount of submission to balance out two such dominating men, but will her strength be enough to overcome their past? All her inhibitions crumble in the face of such passion, and the only course left to her is surrender.
Terror is lurking around every corner, as dark forces try to keep these three lovers apart. When Donavan and Chase realize what could be lost, they tighten their defenses and will go to any length to protect what is theirs.

Wendy's Review

Twin Pleasures is like the gum commercial—double the flavor, double the fun. Suzanne brought you to a world where you want twins and you want them now.

Liana McCarty was helping her sister taking care of the horses and making sure everything got done in the barn. What is the old adage? Good deeds don't go unnoticed and let me tell you when Chase and Donovan noticed Liana they knew that she was for them. From the first moment they saw her they knew they wanted her in their bed and in their life. Liana wasn't so sure, she wasn't into dating or anything at that moment. Liana felt the sexual tension from their first gaze and the first touch sent her in flames.

Chase and Donovan came for Majesty, a prize horse, and what they got was the horse and the lady. A lady who wasn't afraid to show her inner desires. They were dominant brothers who shared their life with one woman.

Liana led a safe way until she hooked up with the two cowboys, now someone was after her. But instead of being worried about herself she worried about the men who came to mean so much to her that it was like losing her breath if she lost them. When did she come to love them so much?

They are bossy, demanding and controlling and Liana loves it. She didn't realize that she was into submission. The world came together for her when she turned over the control to the men.

This book is hot and gets you seeing a ménage in a perfect way of life. What woman wouldn't want to be satisfied with men catering to their needs and wanting to keep them safe and satisfied?

Hot sex and a little thrill keeps you reading this book that Suzanne wrote and know that you will need a fan when you read this. This book is definitely a 5 Tea Cup. Great quick read!

5 Tea Cups!

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