Saturday, November 13, 2010

Review: Alien Embrace by Tracy St. John

Alien Embrace by Tracy St. John

Publisher: New Concepts Publishing
Genre: Fantasy Romance

Heat Rating: 4



Amelia Ryan fled Earth’s fanatically religious government to live quietly among the aliens of Plasius. Her life of peace shatters when a three-man clan from the planet Kalquor kidnaps her and holds her prisoner.
With their people poised on the verge of extinction, the Kalquorians are determined to have Amelia for their mate. Amelia is equally determined to escape. But when her body thrills to the ruthless domination of her captors, she finds herself surrendering to desires she never imagined possible.

RATING: Carnal/Erotica—mild BDSM. Captive situation/forced seduction. Multiple sexual partners. Retrospective MOM and rape of the heroine--not by the hero!

Hunter's Review

This is a very good BDSM, Menage filled book that has some rather disturbing elements in it. None of the upsetting parts have anything to do with the hero but, rather, they are memories the heroine carries with her and they also serve as explanations for the heroine’s own sexual interests, which could be construed as slightly disturbing until you realize what has prompted them.

The heroes are wonderful in their Alpha-ness. They are absolutely certain that what they want is what should happen and they are so hot that I was more than happy to go along with them. I think fans of the real erotic, futuristic science fiction are going to enjoy this book as much as I did.

4 Tea Cups!

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