Thursday, November 25, 2010

Review: Haunted Hearts by Corinne Davies

Haunted Hearts by Corinne Davies

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Gwen is a survivor. Living through a horrific accident that left her with the ability to see spirits, and escaping the iron fist of her father. She’s tried to create a future out of lies. When it becomes apparent that one ghost isn’t willing to leave her alone, she knows she may never truly be safe again.

Mac fights the guilt he feels in his father’s death. Hiding away from life, until a beautiful woman appears in his path and forces him to live up to his own personal code. Despite her arguments to the contrary, she needs a hero and he needs to be one.

What will happen when they are forced to face the truth? When the ghosts of the past haunt them both, will their love protect them or will it destroy their future?

Monica's Review

Haunted Hearts by Corinne Davies is an eerie love story with a story line that is so captivating. How can two people can just have that connection between them even though they are both haunted hearts? Gwen is a spectacular woman that is set to keep her only family safe from the bad people that are after her. She has strength that can keep her on the run and never look back but how is that a life? She needs to face reality and realize that the only way that her fears will go away is to face them no matter what.

Gwen has gone through great lengths in not trusting anyone due to her ability to see spirits but there is one man that has brought her to actually try to trust in him, Mac. Mac has found himself captivated by a woman that he has just seen and everything in him is telling him to stay away from her but his heart is telling him something else. There is something in Mac that is strange on how he and his family live but somehow they have learned to live with it. After his father’s death he went in a downward spiral but that will change with him trying his best to the protector to Gwen. Mac is so happy with him being with Gwen and her only other family member and starts seeing that he could form a family, but still his internal instinct is still warning him that there is something else going on with Gwen.

These Haunted Hearts need to find a way  to each other and find out the truth about themselves and find a way to keep themselves safe from the bad people no matter what. Read this captivating love story and see if Gwen can overcome her fear and hear her spirits and make this possible for a true happy ending.

4 1/2 Tea Cups!

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