Thursday, December 16, 2010

Review: The Assassin by Jenika Snow

The Assassin by Jenika Snow

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 3



When Neeka McCarthy is taken, she doesn’t expect her kidnapper to be one of the people she trusted the most. With her fathers’ life hanging in the throes, Neeka tries to stay strong and plot her escape. When deadly trained assassin Gage Nyght comes to her aide, Neeka must trust him with her very life.

As they fight to survive, Neeka realizes her kidnapper has other plans for her, plans that include twisted experiments and innocent lives. As her feelings for Gage escalate, Neeka realizes she may never feel safe without her roughened assassin by her side. When she thinks things are finally safe, a new threat presents itself, one that may very well end her life this time. With Gage out of the picture, Neeka must fight this battle on her own. It may very well be her last.

Denise’s Review

It’s been a long time since I felt this conflicted when it came to a book. On one hand, the storyline kept me interested from start to end. On the other hand, I felt the characterizations were weak, the plot weaker, and I’m still not sure why it’s titled “The Assassin” beyond attempting to fit into the line under which it was published.

Perhaps I should start with a brief overview. Neeka McCarthy has been kidnapped, and not for ransom or to make a woman’s suit out of her skin; she apparently has a very rare blood type, rare enough to kill over in order to run experiments. Her sick father calls in Gage Nyght, a trained assassin, to recover her, and thus begins a ticking clock between Neeka’s recovery and her father’s last breath.

Neeka bothered me. She was the quintessential “damsel in distress.” Granted, there were a few acts of selflessness, but her actions (or at times, lack thereof) toward the end of the book do not strike me as the sort of thing a woman would do (or not do), think, (or not think), based on her experience thus far. Likewise, Gage’s attraction to her never palpably deepens beyond “hot chick.” He has a male reaction to a pretty girl, but I never sensed it go deeper than just a purely physical response. That being said, the tension between them does sizzle, and I enjoyed reading their interactions. The sex was smoking hot.

At times I felt the novel was building momentum, but ultimately it fell flat. And as to my earlier remark on the title: Gage was an assassin, so I understand that much, but his job in “The Assassin” was primarily to recover Neeka. Perhaps this is subjective, but I hear words like “assassin” and I think, “hired to kill” rather than “hired to rescue.” Sure, he performed his task with typical bad-assary, but ultimately, his job title seemed lost in translation.

2 Tea Cups!


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