Thursday, December 16, 2010

Review: Divine Grace by Heather Rainier

Divine Grace by Heather Rainier

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Menage Romance

Heat Rating: 4



The men of the Divine Creek Ranch have found the woman they’ve dreamed of. Jack loves voluptuous Grace’s giving heart and blushing cheeks. Ethan loves her wild innocence and loyalty. Adam fell in love with her the moment he laid eyes on her.

With the help of these three handsome men, Grace frees herself from an abusive boyfriend. She loves them all and knows she could never choose between them—Jack for his teasing nature, Ethan for his intuition, and Adam for his gentle ways. When danger and calamity threaten, her men proved they will protect and defend her. Grace learns what it means to be desired, pursued, and protected by three gorgeous men, finding that they will do anything to please her along the way.

Can they prove to Grace they want forever and not just a fling? Can Grace heed the advice of her sister and seize the day?

Monica's Review

Divine Grace by Heather Rainier is a heavenly book that makes everything possible. I have not read any of Heather Rainier's books but after reading this book I will make sure I do some more reading. The characters in this book all flow into one and the way they all meet is very interesting.  There were some chapters that were a little slow paced but the actual story was interesting and it did not make me want to stop reading.

This story has exotic, passionate writing all through the book. There are times that you get into the character that just makes you tingle all over and  it is just amazing. The way the characters feel so passionate for each other is amazing, too. Grace has known Jack for some time already but due to her current relationship is not able to pursue another until something is done about the current one. After tragedy hits it is difficult for Jack to stay away from what he knows is his true love. That is just wonderful that before you even get into the relationship you already know in your heart they are the one for you--but there is one problem. Jack has roommates that have taken interest in Grace and have the same feelings as him, Adam and Ethan. How erotic just thinking how you can handle three men in bed at the same time is just amazing.

Rainier does a wonderful job in describing in detail their intimate situations not only together but individually. The only problem that I had with this was that Adam and Ethan seemed to have more time alone with Grace than the person that actually brought them together. But then again Jack could have spoken up and demanded more time alone with his lover. Jack is one that has a big heart and wants everything to be flawless in their love making and also make sure that Grace has everything she ever dreamed of at her finger tips. Grace and Ethan have a chemistry that is earth shattering, but are they all able to overcome their issues?

If you are looking for some smiles and tingles all over your body from reading, and an erotic, passionate story--this is the book for you!
4 1/2 Tea Cups!

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